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Hi. I'm not that good with intros anymore. Sometimes I'm Shane when you've got a lot of hearts with him, sometimes I'm Sam, and I used to have my days when I was an Alex but that's long gone.


I've had a hand in wiki editing since 2014 or thereabouts on Wikipedia before focus shifted to small time editing across various Wikias.

"Why Stardew Valley Wiki?"

I picked Stardew Valley up for PS4 on 17th December 2018 and fell in love with it. The amount of time you can easily sink into this game is pretty darn good. After hearing a Haley quote that i noticed is incomplete on the Wiki, I decided I'd throw an account together out here so I can edit if the quotes don't match what I'm hearing in game.

"What are you good at in terms of contributions?"

I'm largely wikignome-ish, so I'm not likely to be drumming up large edits. In fact, a lot of my edits may sit on the fine line between Minor and full.

Since starting with SDVWiki, I seem to have moved mainly towards the 'quotes' section for Bachelors and Bachelorettes. But there is still much to do. I've drawn up a plan for how I intend to fix them here.

"Favourite Bachelorette?"

Haley is wife, Emily almost got the Mermaid's Penchant (I changed my mind on the day that I was going for the Penchant, don't ask me why), and Abigail comes third.

"Favourite Bachelor?"

Either Elliott or Sebastian. Elliott is the kind to have 'that way' with words if he's big on you. Sebastian has a really sweet core behind his dark exterior. Alex in third because of his 10 Heart event.

"Anything else?"

I did my wiki learning before the VisualEditor software was a big thing, so my editing is in wiki markup, so don't tell me about editing using VE.

I like what this Wiki has going with the 'answer the question' thing for every edit. for the edits of newcomers. for the creation of new pages.