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This page details my intended approach for bringing consistency and improvements to the quotes of the Bachelors and Bachelorettes' pages. It's a work in progress, but the framework is there. If any of this doesn't seem like an idea, just mention it on the 'Discussion' page or my talk page.This doubles as a reminder to myself how I'm approaching this. So can we not edit it unless you're me, please? Thank You. MM (Communications) (Crops)

House Style

  • Each 'Quotes' section will be broken down into 'Regular' and 'After Marriage'. All 'Regular' quotes are to be ones that are heard when not married to them. 'After Marriage' quotes are only heard if Married to them. 'After Divorce' is the only exception. See below.
  • All quotes need to be wrapped in Template:Quote, done in the style {{quote|The quote}} , if the character has multiple things to say after multiple interactions in a row, the format is;
“First thing they say

Second thing they say

Third thing they say”

And so on. Remember to place }} at the end of the quote, otherwise the whole page may wind up looking like one giant quote.


  • Regular stuff that you can hear at any heart level, is to go at the top
  • Place any quotes specific to achieving a certain amount of hearts, straight after those.
  • 'Festival' quotes are heard least so go second bottom of this section.
  • The quotes for the bottom of the page are comments related to engagement, which are said after giving the Bachelor / Bachelorette the Mermaid's Pendant and they accept it, and are within the three days before the ceremony. It's felt that 'engagement' quotes should be at the bottom as it's the last stage before the Marriage and the 'After Marriage' quotes kick in.

After Marriage

  • 'Morning' quotes are to be at the top, day specific quotes go after any that can happen on any day.
  • Following that is Afternoon quotes, quotes that occur between 11:00 and 18:00 (11am and 6pm), quotes that are on the farmhouse take priority over ones said anywhere else, so put Afternoon Quotes that are said on the Farm first, before any that occur elsewhere.
  • 'Evening' quotes should come next.
  • It would be nice to have 'happy spouse' quotes above 'dissatisfied spouse' quotes in each section.
  • For quotes where a Spouse has done things around the farm, please stick them in the 'Morning' quotes section.
  • 'After Divorce' quotes are to go at the bottom as that's essentially the last stage of the Marriage. From there, the only place to go is the Shrine of Memory...