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I'm mostly interested in fish at this point, since farming is stupid but I need to make money somehow to #FreeTheJunimos (also my discord handle, btw). So I've been delving into the Deep Code in an attempt to understand the mysteries which lurk below the surface. Some results of that and various discussions are at Modding:Fish data

Currently I'm calculating the relative chance that specific types of fish will spawn at various locations during specific seasons, times, and weather. It's very tedious but hopefully useful for myself and some other anglers out there. Currently I'm adding (and fixing) relevant info on pages for specific types of fish on the wiki. When all of the data is compiled, I hope to update the Fishing Strategy page to make it even simpler to decide where best to fish for what you need. MissSlaughter (talk) 13:31, 31 October 2019 (UTC)