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Hi, I'm Odin.

Game Versions

Credit to Pathos for the table this is based on.

Platform PC-Equivalent Version Multiplayer Mod Support Transfer Saves Map Screenshot Developer Publisher
PC Windows, Mac, Linux 1.4.5 Yes Yes Yes Yes ConcernedApe ConcernedApe
Console Switch 1.4.4 Yes No No Yes Sickhead Games ConcernedApe
PS4 1.4.4 Yes No No Yes
Xbox One 1.4.4 Yes No No No
PS Vita 1.2.33 (won't receive 1.3+) No No No No
Mobile Android 1.4.5 (except Simplified Chinese) No Yes Yes No The Secret Police Chucklefish
iOS, iPadOS 1.4.5 (except Simplified Chinese) No No Yes No
Car Tesla 1.4 No No No No  ???  ???