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This is my userpage, where I may fiddle around with different stuff.


Artisan Jars vs Kegs

Variables and Arrays

I was looking into doing some automatic calculations per row in a table. For that, the Variables extension would have been great, but sadly it doesn't look like it is installed here. Then tried to figure out if it was possible to use Arrays, but I'm drawing a blank after reading documentation. Do you know if it's possible to ADD to an array after defining it, or must all values be defined there and then? Otherwise that might have been an alternative to Variables, if Arrays could e.g. set up an array on a row, define one value in column C, then add another value in column F, and then do some kind of calculus in column G, for example with #expr. Do anybody know if something like this might be possible?

It's probably possible in Scribunto, but I don't know Lua and looks like it would require access to the Module namespace, which I don't have either.

Please let me know if you have any ideas. I'm fiddling around with a Jars vs Kegs comparison, and would like to do some type of summary in a new column, about whether Jars or Kegs are more profitable, or by how much in percentages or something like that. Pangaea (talk) 17:04, 9 September 2022 (UTC)