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I'm currently at my 4th farm, but I never passed year 2, because I find the "late" game boring. So, after completing the community center, getting married, having children and changing all tools and sprinklers to iridium... The mage tasks and stuff never atracted me.

I love fishing! I could pass days fishing. Only to listen the water sound, while remaining a bit concentrated. This is my mainly income source on the early game.


I like mods that change the appearence of the game:


These are my 3 last farms (the 1st one I didn't upload):
Standard Farm Map Icon.png Campador, at Alumiêro Standard Farm;
Riverland Farm Map Icon.png Matuto, at Delta Riverland Farm; and
Hilltop Farm Map Icon.png Ners'Barbudo, at Mitolândia Hill-top Farm.


So, this is my user page. Feel free to call me here.

Globe.png You can also find me on Youtube.