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Hi! My name is Sarcosmic, and I am addicted to Pepper Poppers. [polite clapping ensues]


I started editing wikis on January 9, 2019, though I've only started editing here on May 30, 2019. Under the same name on Fandom (previously known as Wikia), I'm active daily as a moderator on the My Time at Portia wiki and an admin on the The World Ends with You wiki. I have some experience with wikitext and data transclusion, and am slowly learning how to tinker with CSS and HTML.

I have a feeling my main contributions here will be adding links, making wording more clear, and enforcing consistent capitalization, but I would also like to create pages (or at the very least, redirects) for things I've expected to appear while typing in the search bar but didn't.

Occasionally, I might miss email notifications, so you can contact me on Discord @Sarcosmic#8496.