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Image Name Description Price Location
Chipped Amphora.png
Chipped Amphora An ancient vessel made of ceramic material. Used to transport both dry and wet goods. Gold.png40g
  • Town (4%)
Arrowhead A crudely fashioned point used for hunting. Gold.png40g
  • Mountain (2%)
  • Forest (2%)
  • Bus Stop (2%)
Ancient Doll.png
Ancient Doll An ancient doll covered in grime. This doll may have been used as a toy, a decoration, or a prop in some kind of ritual. Gold.png60g
Elvish Jewelry.png
Elvish Jewelry Dirty but still beautiful. On the side is a flowing script thought by some to be the ancient language of the elves. No Elvish bones have ever been found. Gold.png200g
  • Forest (1%)
  • Fishing Chest (0.16%-0.18%)
Chewing Stick.png
Chewing Stick Ancient people chewed on these to keep their teeth clean. Gold.png50g
  • Mountain (2%)
  • Forest (2%)
  • Town (1%)
  • Fishing Chest (0.16%-0.18%)
Dinosaur Egg.png
Dinosaur Egg A giant dino egg... The entire shell is still intact! Gold.png350g
  • Mine (1%)
  • Mountain (0.8%)
  • Fishing chest (0.16%-0.18%)
Ancient Sword.png
Ancient Sword It's the remains of an ancient sword. Most of the blade has turned to rust, but the hilt is very finely crafted. Gold.png100g
  • Forest (1%)
  • Mountain (0.8%)
  • Fishing Chest (0.16%-0.18%)
Anchor It may have belonged to ancient pirates. Gold.png100g
  • Beach (5%)
  • Fishing Chest (unknown)
Bone Flute.png
Bone Flute It's a prehistoric wind instrument carved from an animal's bone. It produces an eerie tone. Gold.png100g
  • Underground Mine (2%)
  • Mountain (1%)
  • Forest (1%)
  • Town (0.5%)
  • Fishing Chest (0.16%-0.18%)
Golden Relic.png
Golden Relic It's a golden slab with heiroglyphs and pictures emblazoned onto the front. Gold.png250g
  • Desert (8%)
Strange Doll (yellow).png
Strange Doll ??? Gold.png1,000g
  • Everywhere (0.1%)
  • Skull Cavern (Hoeing/Bombing soft ground)
  • Mines (Using hoe on dirt)
  • Fishing Chest (0.08%+ chance)
Prehistoric Scapula.png
Prehistoric Scapula Commonly known as a "shoulder blade"... It's unclear what species it belonged to. Gold.png100g
  • Town (1%)
  • Forest (?%)
Prehistoric Tibia.png
Prehistoric Tibia A thick and sturdy leg bone. Gold.png100g
  • Forest (1%)
  • Railroad (?%)
Skeletal Hand.png
Skeletal Hand It's a wonder all these ancient little pieces lasted so long. Gold.png100g
  • Beach (1%)
  • Backwoods (?%)
Prehistoric Rib.png
Prehistoric Rib Little gouge marks on the side suggest that this rib was someone's dinner. Gold.png100g
  • Town (1%)
Skeletal Tail.png
Skeletal Tail It's pretty short for a tail. Gold.png100g
  • Underground Mine (1%)
  • Fishing Chest (1.8%-2%)
Amphibian Fossil.png
Amphibian Fossil The relatively short hind legs suggest some kind of primordial toad. Gold.png150g
  • Forest (1%)
  • Mountain (1%)
  • Fishing Chest (1.8%-2%)

Geode Minerals

These minerals are used as donations to the museum, but have no other purpose outside of selling them (with the exception of Marble which is used in a crafting recipe). They are near-universally disliked as gifts, with some exceptions noted below.

Image Name Description Price Location Used in
Alamite Its distinctive fluorescence makes it a favorite among rock collectors. Gold.png150g Geode.png Geode

Omni Geode.png Omni Geode

Soapstone Because of its relatively soft consistency, this stone is very popular for carving. Gold.png120g Frozen Geode.png Frozen Geode

Omni Geode.png Omni Geode