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If you Want To Talk To Me Please Just Send Me an E-mail on yahoo Here's My Email [email protected] I Will try to answer It As Soon As I Can Although For those who do not have Email You may ask here Here I have answers I already read your mind What's The First thing you're gonna Ask Although these are just the basic questions if you want the major questions Please send an email to my email stated above

How Do I Get Married? Click This Marriage

How do Skills Level Up? Skills Level Up as you do their Specific Purpose, For Example Farming As you harvest crops it levels up Each Crop Gives Different Experience Points depending on its quality Combat Is a skill that involves Fighting With Monsters In The Mines and in The Wilderness Farm At Night.

Mining Levels Up as you mine for Gems, Stones And Ores In The Mines

Tip: The Mines Is definitely The best Place to Level Up two Skills The skills Are Mining And Combat

Foraging Is leveled up as you gather items on the ground with the exception of Salmonberry and Blackberry On Their Seasons that came from their Bushes

Fishing is a skill that involves Fish as you catch fish you level up you may need Bait So that the fish will bite faster. each fish has different experience points depending on its quality

How can I survive in Stardew Valley?

That's Easy Like they say "Live your life the Way You Want It so it's your choice you can live off The land, Fight Dangerous Monsters, Hunt For Rare Gems or Grow Crops It's Your Choice! But there is one thing I am sure of You Need Food. Food is essential for Healing And Restoring Energy. And You'll Also Need Stardrop. Stardrops Permanently Increase your health and energy by 34 points. For the location of the stardrops please click here: Stardrop Food Is Available Anywhere (With The Exception Of Carpenter's Shop (That Only Sell Furniture) However If you Sell Your produce to Pierre There is a random chance of it Pierre Selling it


Please type your questions below thank you!

Stardew Valley Life

So I Would LOVE to tell you guys what is happening on my Stardew Valley Gameplay!

Here are some Faqs:

Why did you choose to marry Harvey? Because He cares for me and gives me advice to make the most out of my life