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Yoba's symbol.png

Yoba is an ancient guardian deity in Stardew Valley. He/She is referenced multiple times throughout the game by different characters. There is also a shrine to Yoba found in the lower right corner of Pierre's General Store where you occasionally will find different characters paying their respects to the deity.

References to Yoba

The symbol of Yoba is the Anglo-Saxon rune called "ear" (ᛠ), which can mean "earth" or "grave." This could be taken to mean that the people of Pelican Town worship the Earth.

Altar of Yoba

Altar of Yoba.png

Found on top of the "Altar of Yoba" (Pierre's Shop). It was originally intended to charge a wand that would allow unlimited teleportation back to the farm.[1] This wand was later implemented as the Return Scepter.

Ring of Yoba

Ring of Yoba.png

The Ring of Yoba has a chance to make you invulnerable after getting hit.

Journey of the Prairie King

JOPK Tombstone.png
Yoba's symbol grave 01.png

In the third level of Journey of the Prairie King, when picking up a tombstone the symbol is reversed (upside-down), and using it will cast lightning upon you, turning you into an invulnerable zombie (for a limited amount of time).

Grandpa's wall

Yoba's symbol.png

During the starting cutscene.

Harvey's clinic

Clinic text.png

Found in the top right room:

The sign of the vessel. It's here to comfort those who believe in Yoba.

Mayor Lewis' Bedroom

Lewis yoba.png

Found above his bed.

Spirit's Eve Festival


Found at entrance of maze and on the Playground.


Adventurer's Bundle

The shield in the picture has the sign of Yoba on it.

Adventurer's Bundle.png

Related dialogue


  • On Sunday mornings, Caroline says: "It was the previous owners who built the altar room. We aren't religious, but we let the other townsfolk use it if they want."


  • During Maru's 10-heart event, Demetrius exclaims "Sweet Yoba... it talks!"


  • On Summer 2 when married, Emily may say "May Yoba bless you on this lovely day."


  • While George is visiting Yoba's Altar each Sunday morning, he says: "I've never been religious, but hey... I'm old."


  • On Mondays in year 1, Jodi may say "Yesterday I visited Yoba's Altar to ask for my husband's safe return. I'm trying to stay positive, but it's hard sometimes."
  • Jodi visits Yoba's altar each Sunday morning. She has no special dialogue related to Yoba while she's visiting the altar. Kent attends services with her after Year 1.


  • On Saturdays Krobus may say "On Fridays I stay silent as a sign of devotion to Yoba."


  • On Sundays, Robin may say "My husband almost set the house on fire last night with his science experiment. One of his beakers exploded and sent a fireball into the rafters! Thank Yoba I used fire-resistant lacquer when I built the place."


  • There is an unimplemented popup dialog in the game that would trigger if the player attempted to use a teleport wand before charging it: "Nothing happens. Sandy said something about 'infusing it with the power of Yoba'." [2] This wand was later implemented as the Return Scepter, which doesn't require charging.


  • In Shane's six heart event, if the player chooses to respond with "It would be a sin.", Shane says "Yoba...? (Player), don't you know I'm an atheist? Ugh..."
  • After marriage, Shane may say "The name 'Shane' means 'Gift from Yoba'... What a joke."

Clara's Letter

  • On the nightstand in George and Evelyn's bedroom there is a letter from their daughter Clara. Among other things, it says "Don't be too upset, I'm with Yoba now."

Highlights From The Book of Yoba

In the Museum's Library there is a book entitled "Highlights from the Book of Yoba".

Before time there was only the endless golden light. The light called out to itself...'Yoba'. Yoba wanted more. Yoba swirled the golden light into a vortex. Yoba swirled and swirled until a hole formed in the eye of the vortex. From this hold sprung a seed. Yoba smoothed the golden light. Yoba smoothed and smoothed, and the light became soil. Into this soil, Yoba planted the seed. The seed sprouted, and behold! A vine sprung skyward, twisting and probing, casting a writhing shadow onto the golden void. After 11 days, the vine bore fruit. Yoba, with knowing wisdom, peeled the tough skin off the fruit and saw that the world was inside. And so that is how the world came to be.


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