Cabin/Cabin Locations

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When choosing to play Multiplayer from the main menu, or choosing "Multiplayer Options" from the Advanced Options menu, cabins will spawn at different locations depending on choice of Farm Map and choice of "Close" or "Separate" option in the menu.

The table below shows the placement of cabins when choosing 3 or 7 cabins respectively, for "Close" and "Separate" options.

Farm Map 4 Player Close 4 Player Separate 8 Player Close 8 Player Separate
1.5.6 standard close.png
1.5.6 standard far.png
1.6 8p standard close.png
1.6 8p standard separate.png
1.5.6 river close.png
1.5.6 river far.png
1.6 8p river close.png
1.6 8p river separate.png
1.5.6 forest close.png
1.5.6 forest far.png
1.6 8p forest close.png
1.6 8p forest separate.png
1.5.6 hilltop close.png
1.5.6 hilltop far.png
1.6 8p hilltop close.png
1.6 8p hilltop separate.png
1.5.6 wild close.png
1.5.6 wild far.png
1.6 8p wild close.png
1.6 8p wild separate.png
Four Corners
1.5.6 corners close.png
1.5.6 corners far.png
1.6 8p corners close.png
1.6 8p corners separate.png
1.5.6 beach close.png
1.5.6 beach far.png
1.6 8p beach close.png
1.6 8p beach separate.png
1.6 8p meadow close.png
1.6 8p meadow separate.png