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This page or section contains unmarked spoilers from update 1.6 of Stardew Valley. Players may want to avoid or be cautious toward reading this article/section.

The Weather Channel
“Welcome to KOZU 5... your number one source for weather, news, and entertainment. And now, the weather forecast for tomorrow...”

Weather changes daily and with the seasons. The weather for the next day can be checked by viewing the TV screen and selecting "Weather Report".

The Fern Islands weather report

The weather on Ginger Island is different from in Stardew Valley, and once unlocked, the Fern Islands weather report will display immediately after the Stardew Valley report.

Daily weather affects the types of fish that can be caught, as well as villager dialogues and behavior.

Weather Types

Weather Icon TV Image Description
Sun It's going to be clear and sunny all day.

It's going to be a beautiful, sunny day tomorrow!

Rain It's going to rain all day tomorrow.
Green Rain Um... There appears to be some kind of... anomalous reading... I... don't know what this means...
Wind (Spring) Partially cloudy with a light breeze. Expect lots of pollen!
Wind (Fall) It's going to be cloudy, with gusts of wind throughout the day.
Storm Looks like a storm is approaching. Thunder and lightning is expected.
Snow Expect a few inches of snow tomorrow.

Bundle up, folks. It's going to snow tomorrow!

Festival It's going to be clear and sunny tomorrow... perfect weather for the Festival!
Wedding Day N/A (This image will appear instead of the weather icon on a player's wedding day)

Weather Chances

The chance that a particular day will be be sunny/rainy/stormy/etc. depends on several different factors. See Modding:Weather data. Ginger Island only has two types of weather: sun and rain. The chance for rain is 24% (0% on first visit).[1]



  • It always rains on stormy days. Fish that require rain can be caught on stormy days, and the Old Mariner will appear on stormy days.
  • During a storm, lightning strikes can destroy random tiles on the farm. This includes crops and trees. If a Fruit Tree is hit, it will temporarily change into a coal tree, producing coal instead of the usual fruit that would otherwise be given.
    • If lightning hits a tile with a crafted flooring or path on it, the flooring or path will be displaced but not permanently destroyed.
  • There is a chance for a lightning strike to occur every 10 minutes.
  • Lightning will not strike Chests placed outside[2].
  • If Lightning Rods are placed anywhere on the farm[3] they have a good chance to intercept lightning strikes, as long as they are not already processing a strike into a Battery Pack.
  • It is always stormy on Summer 13 and 26, every year.


  • Winter Seeds need to be watered even if it is snowing.
  • Snow transparency can be changed in the Options Menu. Sliding the bar to the left will increase snow transparency (i.e., decrease opacity).

Green Rain

  • Green rain occurs randomly once each Summer, only possible on the following dates: 5, 6, 7, 14, 15, 16, 18, 23.
  • A translucent green visual effect is visible even when indoors.
  • Green Rain Trees and weeds spawn in large quantities throughout the entire valley (except on the Beach and in the Calico Desert).
    • Trees outdoors are affected by Green Rain as follows:[4]
      • Every tree sapling of stage 1 (seed) has a 50% chance to grow to stage 4. All tree saplings of stage 2 or 3 will grow to stage 4. After these two steps, all tree saplings of stage 4 will grow as if they had gone through 3 nights.
      • Every fully grown tree has a 50% chance of getting covered in moss.
      • Every fully grown Oak Tree or Maple Tree has a 75% chance to turn into Temporary Green Rain Trees for the duration of Green Rain.
    • Most Green Rain Trees that are not on the farm, whether spawned or transformed, will revert back into their original form on the next day. Some Green Rain Trees will remain. Green Rain Trees in Pelican Town will be removed.
    • Weeds spawned by green rain do so non-destructively and disappear the next day.
    • Temporary Green Rain Trees on the farm have a chance to spread, meaning the next day you can find stage 1 green rain trees, harvestable for a mossy seed, next to trees that have reverted to their original types.
    • Green rain bushes yield 15 foraging xp per bush when destroyed
  • Certain electronic devices are inoperable during the event.
  • In the first year, most villagers will stay indoors all day, except for Demetrius, Leah, and Linus.
    • Buildings accessible by the player can be entered at any time of day, regardless of their usual hours, and some bedrooms will be accessible without heart requirements.
    • Players cannot give gifts to villagers during Green Rain in Year 1.
  • At the end of the day, the shipping summary screen displays a sky with green fog and dark gray storm clouds.


  • On the first year, it is always sunny on Spring 1, 2, 4 and 5,[5] and it always rains on Spring 3. From Spring 6 and onwards, the weather is randomized, with certain exceptions.
  • The Rain Totem will change the weather for the following day to rain unless the following day is a festival or the 1st day of a season. (Spring 2-4 of Year 1 also cannot be changed by a Rain Totem.)
  • The weather will always be "clear and sunny" for Festivals.
  • It will never rain in Winter unless a Rain Totem is used.
  • If there is a Festival on a player's wedding day, the heart icon will not display.
  • For all villager heart events, there are only two defined weather states: Sun and Rain. This means that any event that requires a "Sunny" day can trigger on windy or snowy days as well as sunny days. Thunderstorm days count as rainy days, so "sunny" events will not trigger.


  • The TV will not necessarily be accurate for Spring 2 or 4, or Summer 13 or 26.
  • The TV will predict stormy weather on Summer 25th, but not the 26th. If the player does not check the TV forecast on the 25th, it may not be stormy. (See Modding:Weather data for more information.)
  • Prior to the 1.6 update it was possible to chain stormy weather by using a Rain Totem on a stormy day. The chain could be continued until the next Festival or the 1st of any season. This was a good way of farming Battery Packs.


  • While winter can't have windy weather without modding, there is still an unseen message for such weather in the weather forecast: "It's going to snow all day. Make sure you bundle up, folks!"


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