Void Chicken

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Void Chicken
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Produce Void Egg.png Void Egg

The Void Chicken is an animal in Stardew Valley. It is obtained by incubating a Void Egg, which is obtained through a random event when you go to sleep. The egg can also be purchased from the Traveling Cart in Cindersap Forest or from Krobus in the Sewers. The Void Chicken requires 4 days to incubate, including the day it is placed in the incubator. They mature after 6 days from hatching, or 3 days from hatching with the Coopmaster skill.


The Void Chicken will produce a Void Egg every morning, which sells for Coin Icon50g. The Void Egg can be used in cooking recipes calling for an egg. Void eggs can also be placed in the mayonnaise machine to produce Void Mayonnaise, which sells for Coin Icon220g.


It is possible to sell the Void Chicken. The amount of gold obtained for doing so is dependent on how many hearts the animal has. The more hearts; the higher amount of gold fetched for selling it. The amount of gold obtained for selling a new-born chick is Coin Icon252g. The amount of gold obtained for selling a maximum-heart Void Chicken is Coin Icon1,040g. These values are the same as selling normal Chickens.


If the eggs are turned into Void Mayonnaise, void chickens are more profitable than regular chickens because void chickens never skip a day of production unlike a regular chicken who might after laying a Large Egg.