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Coop Big Coop Deluxe Coop
Coop.png Big Coop.png Deluxe Coop.png
Upgrades From - Coop Big Coop
Building Cost Coin Icon4,000g Coin Icon10,000g Coin Icon20,000g
Building Materials Wood.png Wood (300)

Stone.png Stone (100)

Wood.png Wood (400)

Stone.png Stone (150)

Wood.png Wood (500)

Stone.png Stone (200)

Capacity 4 8 12

White Chicken.png Chicken

White Chicken.png Chicken Duck.png Duck Dinosaur.png Dinosaur

White Chicken.png Chicken Duck.png Duck Dinosaur.png Dinosaur Rabbit.png Rabbit

Footprint Marker3x6.png Marker3x6.png Marker3x6.png

The Coop is a type of farm building purchasable and upgradable from Robin at the Carpenter's Shop.

The coop can store chickens, ducks, rabbits, and dinosaurs.

The total cost of a Deluxe Coop, built from scratch, is Coin Icon34,000g Wood.png Wood (1200) Stone.png Stone (450) (Or, if all wood and stone are bought from Robin, Coin Icon55,000g).

The Deluxe Coop features an Autofeed System; hay from your silos will be automatically distributed. (You can still let the animals feed on grass outside, and the hay will not be eaten.)

Coop Animals may be stuck outside at night if the coop doors are closed. The conditions for this are not clear (see the Barn Talk page). If an animal is stuck outside the coop at night, the next day his/her mood will be "grumpy." Animals stuck outside are also subject to Wild Animal Attacks.

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