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Clara cradles baby Alex.

Clara is Alex's deceased mother. During Alex's eight heart event, he states that she died 12 years ago, some time in the summer. When she died, Alex had to move in with his grandparents, George and Evelyn, who were Clara's parents.

During Alex's memory of her, Clara is seen holding Alex as a baby and singing to him. She has brown hair, with two blue hair bands, and is wearing a purple shirt.

In the memory, Alex is wrapped in a blue blanket with the letter "A" sewn on it, and has a green pacifier in his mouth.

Her relationship with Alex's father is assumed to have been strained, since Alex describes him as being either absent or drunk.

Clara's surname is not actually known. The name "Mullner" is used in only one place in the game: Penny's Two Heart event. In this event, Penny speaks to George, calling him "Mr. Mullner."


On the nightstand in George and Evelyn's bedroom, there is a letter from Clara.


v1.3 Beta Changes

Note: These changes are currently being tested in the v1.3 Beta branch of the game.
The final version of the game may or may not include the changes as described below.

Spoilers ahead! 
The name "Mullner" is used in 3 places in-game. In addition to Penny's 2-heart event, Secret Notes #5 and #12 refer to George's and/or Evelyn's surname as "Mullner."