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Before adding yourself to the table, you must be level 25 on the Stardew Valley Discord and request the role there first.

To add an entry, copy & paste this template into the table (sorted by display name):

 |display name = Pathoschild
 |discord name = Pathoschild#0001
 |discord id   = 226803198218731520
 |nexus id     = 1552317
 |github id    = Pathoschild
 |reddit name  = Pathoschild
 |mod types    = SMAPI
 |sample mod 1 = {{nexus mod|541|Lookup Anything}}
 |sample mod 2 = {{nexus mod|518|Chests Anywhere}}
 |sample mod 3 = {{nexus mod|1063|Automate}}

Standard fields:

field description
display name The name you're most commonly known as. This usually matches your Nexus and/or Discord name.
discord name Your username on Discord, including the numbers. You can click your name in the bottom-left corner of Discord to copy it.
discord id Your unique user ID. See how to get your Discord ID (or we can provide it when you request the role on Discord).
nexus id Your unique user ID on Nexus Mods (if applicable). You can get it by clicking your username in the top-right corner, clicking My Profile, and copying the number at the end of the URL.
github id Your username on GitHub (if applicable).
reddit name Your username on Reddit (if applicable).
mod types The mod types you've released. The possible types are SMAPI (C# mods), pixels (pixel art), and content (content packs). You can have multiple types (comma-delimited).
sample mod 1
sample mod 2
sample mod 3
Links to up to three example mods you've released. You can choose any mods you want, and change them anytime.

Uncommon fields:

field description
author url A custom URL to your mod author page, if you're not on Nexus Mods. You should leave nexus id blank when using this.
source url A custom URL to your source code (if any), if it's not on GitHub. You should leave github id blank when using this.