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This template displays a heading for the "Gifts" section on giftable villager pages, which summarizes birthday gifting. Villagers classified as "rude" display different dialogues from "polite" or "neutral" villagers when given a birthday gift. In some languages, dialogue also varies by gender.

Data is taken from Data/NPCDispositions.xnb to determine gender, demeanor (rude or polite), birth season, and birth day.

Quotes are taken from Content\Strings\StringsFromCSFiles.xnb.

  • Specifically, NPC.cs.4274 through NPC.cs.4281 contain all birthday gift responses.
  • Where one of these entries contains two quotes (separated by a slash), the first applies to gifts given to males and the second applies to gifts given to females.

There is some extra text when used on the Dwarf's page (Dwarvish quote translations, and a note about how friendship isn't changed by gifting until the player understands Dwarvish).

  • Dwarvish quotes cannot be found in data files. They can be obtained from screenshots and/or from creating a program to execute the dwarvish translation code found in the game executable.


This template takes no parameters. It automatically uses the pagename on which it is placed.

Main article: Friendship
See also: List of All Gifts

You can give GiftHeader up to two gifts per week (plus one on their birthday), which will raise or lower their friendship with you. Gifts on their birthday () will have 8× effect and show a unique dialogue.
For loved or liked gifts, GiftHeader will say

“A birthday gift? That's very kind of you! I love it.”
“You remembered my birthday! Thank you. This is great!”

For neutral gifts, GiftHeader will say

“Oh, a birthday gift! Thank you.”

For disliked or hated gifts, GiftHeader will say

“Oh... It's for my birthday? ... Thanks.”