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This template is used to provide an infobox for farm buildings.


This template can be used by entering the following onto a relevant page.

{{Infobox building
|name        = 
|image       =
|description =
|cost        =
|materials   =
|animals     =
|capacity    =
|size        =
|sizehv      = 


{{Infobox building
|name        = Location name
|image       = The image name, minus the File:
|description = The building description, if one exists.  Automatically populated by Template:Description if omitted.
|cost        = Cost of building construction (gold)
|materials   = Materials required for building construction
|animals     = A list of the animals able to stay in this building, if applicable
|capacity    = The maximum number of animals storable in this building
|size        = The size of the building (this requires that you know the name of the image used; some use width x height and some use height x width)
|sizehv      = The size of the building in format horizontal x vertical (optional)