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Emotes are short actions that the player character can act out, which will also show the emote over the players head in a thought bubble.

Emotes can be activated by typing it into chat using the emote command (/emote <emote>), or by pressing the Emote Menu keybind (Default Y).

Emote Happy.png
Emote Sad.png
Emote Heart.png
Emote Exclamation.png
Emote Note.png
Emote Sleep.png
Happy Sad Heart Exclamation Note Sleep
Emote Game.png
Emote Question.png
Emote X.png
Emote Pause.png
Emote Blush.png
Emote Angry.png
Game Question X Pause Blush Angry
Emote Yes.gif
Emote No.gif
Emote Sick.gif
Emote Laugh.gif
Emote Surprised.gif
Emote Hi!.gif
Yes No Sick Laugh Surprised Hi!
Emote Taunt.gif
Emote Uh.gif
Emote Music.gif
Emote Jar.gif
Taunt Uh Music Jar
  • Blush, Jar, Music and Taunt are hidden from the emote menu until you type them as a command, such as /emote jar in the chat window.