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The following describes the upcoming Stardew Valley 1.3, and may change before release.
A screenshot of multiplayer showing two cabins and two players.

Multiplayer is an optional game mode (currently in beta testing) in which 1–4 players can play in the same world over LAN[1] or the Internet. Each player needs their own copy of the game (split-screen isn't supported), but GOG and Steam players can crossplay with each other[2]. The player who created the world has the save file, can launch it in multiplayer mode[3], and can switch back to single-player anytime. Other players can connect via Steam (non-Steam support is planned but not yet announced).[4]


Multiplayer is mostly identical to single-player. Here are some features specific to multiplayer-only:

  • The farm can contain up to 3 cabins (selectable during farm creating). For each cabin one player can join the farm. If the farm starts with less than 3 cabins, Robin can build the other ones on your farm for a very cheap price (finishing instantly) so it can be built on the first day. The main player can also demolish a cabin at any time.[4][3][5]
  • Some decisions are made collaboratively by all players by either clicking dialogues or joining areas:[4]
    • when to sleep, by entering a bed;
    • when to start a festival, by entering the area;
    • whether to finish the Community Center or buy a Joja membership;
    • when to pause the game using a /pause command (opening a menu doesn't pause in multiplayer).[6]
  • All players share the same money and farmland
  • Each player has their own energy bar[7], their own Skills, and their own relationships with NPCs[4].
    • Each NPC can only be married by one player. If multiple players want the same spouse, the first to propose will win their hand.[8]
  • Interactions between player:
    • Players can marry each other and have children. Players propose to each other using a craftable wedding ring.[4][9] The wedding ring recipe can be obtained at the Traveling Cart for 500g, and will then allow the player to craft a wedding ring with 5 Iridium Bars and a Prismatic Shard.
    • Players can dance with each other in the Flower Festival (no prior requirements).[10]


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