Ornate Necklace

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Ornate Necklace
Ornate Necklace.png
A fancy necklace found in the water outside of the bath house. It's still wet...
Source: Secret Note #25
Sell Price: Cannot be sold

The Ornate Necklace is a special item that is unlocked after you read Secret Note #25. To find it, fish in the water outside the Spa during any season except Winter.

To give the Ornate Necklace, place it in your inventory. You do not need to hold it, as the game automatically tries to give it to any NPC you speak to thereafter. However, it can be received only by Caroline or Abigail. Trying to give it to anyone else fails, and results in a dialogue saying "Wrong Person". Be sure you speak first to your intended recipient, since transfer is automatic.

Giving the Ornate Necklace to Caroline awards 50 Friendship points with her. Giving the Ornate Necklace to Abigail awards 100 Friendship points with her.