Pierre's Missing Stocklist

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Warning: Spoilers

This page or section contains unmarked spoilers from update 1.5 of Stardew Valley. Mobile players may want to avoid or be cautious toward reading this article.

Pierre's Missing Stocklist
Pierre's Missing Stocklist.png
Pierre might be interested in this.
Source: Qi's Walnut Room for Qi Gem.png 50
Sell Price: Cannot be sold

Pierre's Missing Stocklist lets Pierre sell seeds from all seasons year-round in his shop. It can be purchased from Qi's Walnut Room for Qi Gem.png 50.

Seeds sold out-of-season cost 50% more than they would if in-season. The price of Pierre's year-round stock is unaffected.

The stocklist needs to be delivered to Pierre to work. Trying to give it to anyone other than Pierre displays a message "[Villager] looks puzzled..."


  • 1.5: Introduced.