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Birthday: Spring.png Spring 26
Lives In: Pelican Town
Address: Pierre's General Store

Caroline Icon.png Caroline (Wife)

Abigail Icon.png Abigail (Daughter)

Marriage: No
Best Gifts: Fried Calamari.png Fried Calamari
“If you're looking for seeds, my shop is the place to go. I'll also buy produce from you for a good price! A little agriculture could really inject new life into the local economy!”
— Pierre

Pierre is a villager who lives in Pelican Town. He owns and runs Pierre's General Store.


Pierre can be found running his general store each day between 9am and 5pm (except Wednesday when the store is closed). After work each day he leaves the store counter and moves around his home. On Friday evening after work, he walks to the saloon to socialize, provided it is not raining. Outside of Friday evening, festivals and events, Pierre does not travel outside his home.

After the Community Center has been fully restored his store will no longer be closed Wednesday, and will instead be open every day of the week.

Regular Schedule
7:00 AM Pierre's Home Wakes up for the day, moves around his home.
8:30 AM Pierre's General Store Walks to counter to open up his store.
9:00 AM Pierre's General Store Opens his general store for business for the day.
5:00 PM Pierre's General Store Leaves the store counter and walks around his home.
7:00 PM Pierre's Home Continues to walk around his home.
9:00 PM Pierre's Home Continues to walk around his home.
11:00 PM Pierre's Home Goes to bed for the night.

If it is raining on a Friday, Pierre will follow his "Regular Schedule" shown above.

Friday (not raining)
7:00 AM Pierre's Home Wakes up for the day, moves around his home.
8:30 AM Pierre's General Store Walks to counter to open up his store.
9:00 AM Pierre's General Store Opens his general store for business for the day.
5:00 PM Pierre's General Store Leaves the store and walks to the saloon.
"I've been working hard all week. I deserve a little relaxation on a Friday night."
11:50 PM The Stardrop Saloon Leaves the saloon and walks home for the night.


Pierre lives with his wife Caroline and their daughter Abigail behind his shop. On Friday evenings he socializes with other villagers at the saloon, but outside that he only interacts with others at his store.

He feels threatened by JojaMart and Morris's attempts to draw his customers away from the store, and worries that he won't be able to make as much money because of this.

He has a strained relationship with Abigail due to their different beliefs, as shown in a few cutscenes.


Main article: Friendship
See also: List of All Gifts

You can give Pierre up to two gifts per week (plus one on his birthday), which will raise or lower his friendship with you. Gifts on his birthday (Spring 26) will have 8× effect and show a unique dialogue.
For loved or liked gifts, Pierre will say

“A birthday gift? That's very kind of you! I love it.”
“You remembered my birthday! Thank you, this is great!”

For neutral gifts, Pierre will say

“Oh, a birthday gift! Thank you.”

For disliked or hated gifts, Pierre will say

“Oh... It's for my birthday? ... Thanks.”


“This is my all-time favorite! Thank you!”
Image Name Description Source Ingredients
Pierre Happy.png
Fried Calamari.png
Fried Calamari It's so chewy. Cooking Squid.png Squid (1)Wheat Flour.png Wheat Flour (1)Oil.png Oil (1)


“That's very kind of you. I like this.”
Image Name Description Source
Daffodil A traditional spring flower that makes a nice gift. Foraging - Spring
Dandelion Not the prettiest flower, but the leaves make a good salad. Foraging - Spring

*Note that Dinosaur Eggs are considered Artifacts and not Eggs for gifting purposes.


“A present? Thanks!”
Image Name Description Source


“This isn't exactly my favorite...”
Image Name Description Source
Pierre Concerned.png
Chanterelle A tasty mushroom with a fruity smell and slightly peppery flavor. Foraging - Fall
Common Mushroom.png
Common Mushroom Slightly nutty, with good texture. Foraging - Fall
Hazelnut That's one big hazelnut! Foraging - Fall
Holly The leaves and bright red berries make a popular winter decoration. Foraging - Winter
Leek A tasty relative of the onion. Foraging - Spring
Morel Sought after for its unique nutty flavor. Foraging - Spring
Salmonberry A spring-time berry with the flavor of the forest. Foraging - Spring
Purple Mushroom.png
Purple Mushroom A rare mushroom found deep in caves. Foraging - The Mines
Snow Yam.png
Snow Yam This little yam was hiding beneath the snow. Foraging - Winter
Wild Horseradish.png
Wild Horseradish A spicy root found in the spring. Foraging - Spring
Winter Root.png
Winter Root A starchy tuber. Foraging - Winter


“Please, never bring this to me again.”
Image Name Description Source Ingredients
Pierre Annoyed.png
Corn One of the most popular grains. The sweet, fresh cobs are a summer favorite. Crops - Summer, Fall
Garlic Adds a wonderful zestiness to dishes. High quality garlic can be pretty spicy. Crops - Spring (years 2+)
Parsnip Soup.png
Parsnip Soup It's fresh and hearty. Cooking Parsnip.png Parsnip (1)Milk.png Milk (1)Vinegar.png Vinegar (1)
Tortilla Can be used as a vessel for food or eaten by itself. Cooking Corn.png Corn (1)

Heart Events


At any friendship level greater than zero friendship points, you may receive gold in the mail from Pierre. The chance of receiving gold in the mail increases as your friendship with Pierre increases.

Item Description
(or more)
Dear valued customer,

Thanks for visiting 'Pierre's'! Enclosed is your 'Cash-back Rewards Program' rebate. See you soon!


P.S. Sorry for the stock message, (Name). Enjoy!

Three Hearts

Three Hearts.png

After reaching 3 hearts with Pierre he will send you a recipe in the mail.

Image Recipe Description
Blueberry Tart.png
Recipe Overlay.png
Blueberry Tart TOP SECRET :

Here's the recipe for my famous blueberry tart. Don't tell anyone! I'm giving it to you because we are such good friends.


Six Hearts

Six Hearts.png

Enter Pierre's Shop to activate the cut-scene.

You enter Pierre's bedroom. After looking around, you find Pierre's 'secret stash' behind the bookshelf. Pierre catches you, asks that you tell no one. If you agree to say nothing, he in return agrees not to tell anyone that you were snooping in his bedroom. If you refuse, you will lose 2 hearts with him.


“You know, I used to be a pretty good boxer back in the day... my right hook was the stuff of legend!”
“I'm so glad to have a day off from work.”

On a rainy day

“Most people stay indoors in days like this... It's not good for business.”


“Everyone's enjoying the weather instead of shopping... *sigh*”
“Oh, hi. Are you satisfied with the quality of my summer seeds?”
“Ugh... it's so hot in here.”

During the Luau

“Hmm... maybe if I get on the governor's good side he'll give my business a tax break...”
“I wonder if he likes aged whiskey?”




  • According to his daughter, Abigail, Pierre is allergic to cats, and also "pretty much everything".
  • According to himself, Pierre was a great boxer back in the day. His right hook was the stuff of legends.
  • If you talk to Pierre at the saloon on Fridays, he says that it's nice to relax after a hard week of working at his shop. However, his shop is open on Saturdays and Sundays.