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Hello! I'm User314159, an editor for this wiki. I came across Stardew Valley in late 2020 and liked the game quite a lot since then. I came across this wiki in early 2021 to help me with the game. At the start, I used this wiki mainly through making sure I completed all of the Community Center bundles, finding crops that would give me the most profit in the game, and reading through all of the cool content that I could unlock after going even further in a save file, such as access to the Sewers or the Skull Cavern. After some time, I decided to make an account, as there was no harm in doing so especially because I have lots of experience with wikis in the past.

My favorite part of the game is fishing, which is ironic especially considering I avoided doing this skill at virtually every cost on my first few save files, even going so far as to buy Pufferfish and Sturgeons at the Traveling Cart to avoid having to catch them for the Community Center bundles. I later easily got the hang of fishing though, and I later learned fishing is incredibly useful for income early-game, so I like it a lot now. I haven't gotten anywhere near Master Angler achievement in any of my save files thus far though, and that's fine considering I don't usually play past year 1 for most of my game files. Although it is incredibly annoying when you are searching for a specific fish and you have to wait a while to get it, but that's usually how it is. I like the other four aspects of the game too.

My most recent (and probably the only one I will play in a long time) playthrough was trying to achieve Perfection for the very first time, which I'm incredibly proud of, even though I know so many people probably have achieved it on many many save files. I got it early on October 3rd, the same time TheHaboo posted a YouTube video on highlights on how he got Perfection in just 28 hours, which is insane because my perfected save file took way longer than that to achieve.

The cutscene is really something special though, and I restarted the day several times to repeatedly view the cutscene.

My Favorite Stardew Valley Mods

A simple list of my favorite mods in Stardew Valley and what I like about them. Keep in mind that these are the mods I like to use and not the ones that are generally the best. There will be almost no map expansion mods or mods that add a ton of content because I don't use those very often. With that said...

15. Recatch Legendary Fish Does exactly what it says it does. Legendary fish can now be caught an infinite number of times, not just once.

14. Zoom Level Allows you to use hotkeys to zoom past the default 75%.

13. Seasonal Outfits Makes the villagers wear clothing depending on the season. I wish this was in the vanilla game as well.

12. Spouses React To Death I don't use this mod much anymore but regardless this is the mod that got me into modded Stardew Valley in the first place. It seems weird that when you die in the mines or skull cavern or volcano dungeon or wherever no one cares, but with this mod spouses at least will.

11. Stack Split Redux What this mod does is allow you to enter in exactly how many of a certain item you want. A much more convenient way to get a massive amount of anything than using the usual shift and ctrl+shift keys.

10. Mermaid Island One new NPC, several new recipes and items, and a lot more fish, this is probably my favorite expansion mod.

9. Fish Info Adds info on where and when fish can be caught in the collections page.

8. Sleepless Fisherman Removes the sleeping animation from the player at 12 AM and 1 AM when they happen to be fishing. This was an essential mod for me because sometimes I mistaken that with a fish bite, wasting precious energy and have to recast.

7. Running Late Makes the game update every minute instead of every 10 minutes. Not much, but once you have this mod you will love it forever.

6. Skip Intro Skips the intro cutscene when loading the game (not a save file). Used to help you get into the game a few seconds faster. Not a lot, but like with the Running Late mod, it's something you will absolutely love.

5. More New Fish I really love fishing and so this was an essential one for me. It adds so many new fish to the game. The quantity of the fish added is more than the total number of fish in the vanilla game. It really makes fishing much more immersive.

4. Fish Preview Depending on your preference this is probably debatable as to whether or not it is considered "cheating." Regardless, I love what this mod does. What it does is allow you to see what type of fish you are hooking during the fishing minigame, with configs based on whether or not legendary fish and/or fish not caught previously should be seen.

3. Visible Fish Does exactly what it sounds like. Shows fish currently catchable in a body of water. Heck, this should probably be in the vanilla game. That would really save a lot of trouble looking at the wiki to know exactly what fish to get.

2. UI Info Suite 2

The mod that provides so much information and very few of its features can be considered cheating because most of the time the info can just be searched up on the wiki. From reminding the player of villager's birthdays, to showing sell prices of each item, to providing info on crops, to letting players know when their tools will finish being upgraded, to letting players know how their skills are currently going and how far they are to the next level, to displaying more accurate heart levels, to showing all NPC locations on the map, this is probably one of the most, if not the most, essential mod for a modded playthrough. There are many mods that provide one or two of these features, but the fact that this mod provides all of them is just astounding.

1. Fast Animations

The mod to end all other mods. UI Info Suite 2 is really good, but even that couldn't come close to how incredible this mod is. What this mod does is speed up a ton of in-game animations to make them go faster. Some of them are cheaty, so use the config file if you don't want to cheat. The ones I specifically know are these, but there are some others:

  • PamBusSpeed - Makes Pam travel to the Desert instantly. If you're tired of seeing the same bus animation over and over again, this is for you. Set the value to "20" in the config file. The game is paused when this animation is occurring. Sadly, there isn't a config for making traveling to Ginger Island any faster, but whatever.
  • HarvestSpeed - Probably my favorite one. No longer is actually harvesting Starfruit a massive chore anymore. The game is paused when this animation is occurring.
  • ToolSpeed / WeaponSpeed / MilkSpeed / ShearSpeed - Basically animation cancelling except you don't have to fiddle with using the correct controls.
  • GeodeSpeed - Makes the geode animation go faster. Perfect for saving a lot of time with that.
  • MountOrDismoundSpeed - Makes getting on and off a horse faster. The game is paused when this animation is occurring.
  • There are other configs that can allow you to make title and load screens go faster when clicking on something. I think this is pretty useful.
  • Other configs include the rate that trees fall or the rate that casino results come in. The latter is pretty handy but I don't use the casino slots.


I used UI Info Suite 2 and apparently if you perfect catch a fish at the exact same time you catch the treasure chest, you do not get the perfect catch experience but everything else works fine. I think this will be almost difficult to replicate.