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Darts is a minigame available in the Pirate Cove when Pirates are present, which is during even, non-rainy days after 8 PM. A Golden Walnut is awarded for winning the game the first 3 times. Winning the game for the 4th time and beyond grants no reward. The pirate who challenges the player to darts can be found near the top right corner of the Pirate Cove.


The objective is to score exactly 301 points with the given darts, at which point the game is won. Going over 301 in one shot will result in the points not being added, but the player can continue playing if they have darts left. 20 darts are available for each game at the start. After winning once, 15 darts will be available each game. After winning twice, 10 darts will be available each game. After winning three or more times, 20 darts will be available each game.


A common strategy is to aim at higher numbers (60 and 50) until reaching somewhere between 281-300 and then aim at the number which is needed to reach 301 as the large portion of the numbers 1-20 are easier to aim at.

The cursor/green circle used to aim at the dartboard moves in an infinity-symbol pattern. Line up the center of the "infinity symbol" motion with the target area to better target the dartboard.


The Pirates acknowledge a perfect 6-dart game, but there is no additional reward. [1]


  1. See Minigames.Darts::QuitGame in the game code.


  • 1.5: Introduced.