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Stardew Valley has a very friendly modding community. If you have questions about using or creating mods, come talk!

Where to Talk


r/SMAPI is the official SMAPI subreddit for asking questions, getting help, and discussing SMAPI + mods + content packs.


The Stardew Valley Discord (no microphone, audio, or download needed) has...

  • #modded-farmers and #making-mods-general: discuss or ask questions about using or creating mods. Modders also discuss their work, chat, and collaborate here.
  • #modded-game-support: get help with modding issues.
  • #technical-support: get help for issues with the game itself (like crashes, corrupted saves, or the game not launching).
  • General channels to discuss the game and chat with other players.

Official Forums

The Stardew Valley Forums have the following sections:

  • Modding Discussion & Creation: discuss or ask questions about using or creating mods.
  • Mod Support: get help with modding issues.

Mod Sites

If you need help with a specific mod, consider asking on the mod page you downloaded it from. (For example, see SMAPI's posts tab on Nexus if you downloaded it from there.)


Here are the users on Discord who have the mod author role. If you created a mod and reached level 25 on Discord, feel free to ask in #⁠making-mods! We'll check if you qualify, help you add yourself to the list, and give you the Mod Author role. (See instructions for adding an entry, but please don't add yourself to the wiki before asking.)