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Mods are packages of files which change Stardew Valley in some way. Mods can add features (like showing NPCs on the map), change game mechanics (like making fences decay more slowly), make cosmetic changes (like making your house look like a hobbit home), and much more.

Using mods

Using mods
How to install SMAPI, use mods, and troubleshoot them. Includes the compatibility list.

Creating mods

Looking for something specific? Try searching the Modding namespace.

Creating SMAPI mods
How to create SMAPI mods, with tutorials and documentation. This includes the full SMAPI API + event reference.
Creating Content Patcher packs
How to create content packs for Content Patcher, including links to more info.
Translating mods
How to contribute mod translations for any language supported by the game. (And for modders, how to enable and request translations.)

Framework mods

Some of the known framework mods are listed below, along with their capabilities. The framework mods are written in C#, so you can make content packs for them without needing to know coding yourself. They are available on Nexus Mods.

Content Patcher (CP) | CP Nexus Mods page

  • Add new files, alter images, data, and maps
  • Send the player basic mail
  • Create entire NPCs
  • Make changes dynamic, conditional, seasonal, and/or configurable

Content Patcher Animations (CP-A) | CP-A Nexus Mods page

  • Images patched in with CP can be animated

Json Assets (JA) | JA Nexus Mods page

  • Create new objects, Big Craftables (placeable, machine-sized), crops, fruit trees, hats, weapons, shirts, pants, and boots
  • Specify crafting, cooking, and tailor recipes for new items
  • Specify gift tastes for new items
  • New item data and images can also be targeted with CP

Producer Framework Mod (PFM) | PFM Nexus Mods page

  • Change the inputs, outputs, and behavior of vanilla machines
  • Take new machine Big Craftables (created with JA) and make them work

Custom Furniture (CF) | CF Nexus Mods page

  • Make new items that behave as furniture (e.g. rotatable, or placeable on walls)

TMXL (and PyTK) | TMXL Nexus Mods page | PyTK Nexus Mods page

  • Necessary to add new map locations
  • Tons of map features like crop layers and water color
  • Can use high resolution textures anywhere, even unrelated to maps
  • Extreme custom tile actions and Lua scripting

Farm Type Manager (FTM) | FTM Nexus Mods page

  • Spawn stumps, debris, forage, ores, meteors, etc.
  • Spawn monsters and create new monster types based on existing ones

Custom Ore Nodes (CON) | CON Nexus Mods page

  • Make new types of rocks you can break to get items, either custom or from the base game

Shop Tile Framework (STF) | STF Nexus Mods page

  • Add to or change what's for sale in base game shops with a wide variety of conditions
  • Create new shops with a wide variety of conditions

Mail Framework Mod (MFM) | MFM Nexus Mods page

  • Additional mail features (CP can already do basic mail)
  • Custom backgrounds, repeat mail, wider variety of mail attachments, and the ability add multiple attachments to mail

Train Station (TS) | TS Nexus Mods page

  • Make new locations accessible without patching vanilla maps

Custom Music (CM) | CM Nexus Mods page

  • Replace or add new music tracks and sound effects

Quest Framework (QF) | QF Nexus Mods page

  • Create new custom quests of different types

Advanced topics

Migration guides

release date released
SMAPI 2.0 October 2017
Stardew Valley 1.3 May 2018
Stardew Valley 1.3 (XNB changes) May 2018
Stardew Valley 1.3.36 March 2019
Stardew Valley 1.4 November 2019
SMAPI 3.0 November 2019
Harmony 2.0 TBD

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