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Put a fruit or vegetable in here. Eventually it will turn into a beverage.
Source: Crafting
Season: All Seasons
Sell Value: N/A

Recipe from: Farming Skill Icon.png Farming (Level 8)
Ingredients: Wood.png Wood (30)Copper Bar.png Copper Bar (1)Iron Bar.png Iron Bar (1)Oak Resin.png Oak Resin (1)

The Keg is a type of equipment used to make artisan goods in Stardew Valley. It takes crops and turns it into Keg Products.


Image Name Description Ingredient Time Sell Price Restores
Beer.png Beer Drink in moderation. Wheat.png Wheat

2250 mins * (1~2 Days)

Beer.png 200g (8 × base Wheat value)

Energy.png 50 Health.png 20

Pale Ale.png Pale Ale Drink in moderation. Hops.png Hops

2360 mins * (1~2 Days)

Pale Ale.png 300g (12 × base Hops value)

Energy.png 50 Health.png 20

Wine.png Wine Drink in moderation.

Any Fruit

10000 mins * (around 7 Days)

Wine.png 3 × Fruit Base Value

Energy.png 50 Health.png 20

Juice.png Juice A sweet, nutritious beverage.

Any Vegetable

6000 mins * (around 4 Days)

Juice.png 2.25 × Vegetable Base Value

Energy.png 75 Health.png 30

Mead.png Mead A fermented beverage made from honey. Drink in moderation. Honey.png Honey

1-2 days

Mead.png 200g (2 × base Honey value)

Energy.png 75 Health.png 30

Coffee.png Coffee It smells delicious. This is sure to give you a boost. Coffee Bean.png Coffee Bean x 5

120 mins * (2 Hours)

Coffee.png 150g (2 × base Coffee Beans (5) value)

Energy.png 3 Health.png 1 Speed.png Speed (1)

Preserve Jar Vs. Keg

The Preserves Jar increases the profit of a crop using the following equation: 50g + (2 * base value of crop), while the Keg multiplies the base value of fruits by 3, and vegetables by 2.25. Because of this, low-value high-yield crops like corn or tomatoes are more valuable in the preserves jar. The keg, on the other hand, favors crops with a much higher base value, such as Ancient Fruit or Melons. Below is a list of crops that are more beneficial to be put in the keg. (raw base price, bold above 200g)

It should be noted that these calculations only involve the value gained in terms of max profit; if looking at profit per day based on the time required, it is always more beneficial to use a preserves jar, on the highest value item possible (2 days to multiply value by 2x). See this reddit post for more details (Updated as of 22/08/16)


  • 1.0: Introduced.
  • 1.1: Removed Clay from crafting recipe.