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Stardew Valley was released on February 26, 2016 for Windows PC after almost four years of closed development.

Mac OSX and Linux compatibility was added in a free update on July 29, 2016.

For a detailed breakdown of changes specific to the console version of the game see Console Version History.

Patch Version Release Date Summary of Changes
Version 1.2 April 24th, 2017[1]
(Full Release)

February 7th, 2017[2]

1.2 Changes[3]

On April 24th, 2017 1.2 left the beta opt in branch and moved to full release.

  • Translations for German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Japanese and Simplified Chinese.
  • When using a controller, the cursor will snap between menu buttons by default. If you disable that, the cursor will instead accelerate while moving.
  • When using a controller, pressing the back button will skip events that are skippable.
  • Exit to Title has returned.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed lighting shader not covering the whole screen on Mac and Linux.
  • Switching from “Windowed Borderless” to “Fullscreen” should now go straight to fullscreen instead of Windowed mode.
  • Wallpapers and floors no longer have a tile placement indicator showing a random object
  • Increased stability of preference-saving code. This should fix infrequent crashes that require the player to delete startup_preferences.
  • Fixed a crash that can happen when a pig tries to spawn a truffle but there’s no space for it.
  • Fixed a couple of rare crashes that could have occurred at any time during the game.
  • Fixed a typo of the word ‘pronounce’ in the marriage event.
  • Fixed the player not getting the recipe for Cookies if they skip Evelyn’s event.
  • Farming level now affects crop yield prior to level 10.

1.2 Beta Changes[4]

On February 7th, 2017 an opt in Steam branch was announced with in-game support for six new languages. It was tested public beta for bugs and translation issues until full release on April 24th, 2017. (Read the developer blog post for full details)

v1.2.26 changes

  • Left/right gamepad controls can be used to move the color picker now (using triggers for this was unintuitive)
  • Fixed certain items (e.g. tulips and blue jazz) having their counts rendered with an unbordered font
  • Fixed lack of space for energy information on certain items, including Sweet Pea
  • Audio is loaded earlier on in initialization now, which might resolve some startup crashes

v1.2.25 changes

  • Fixed broken Mac OS X app directory structure causing crashes on launch
  • Reverted the change to the ordering of Steam SDK initialization and audio loading, which is believed to have caused an increase in crashes on launch for some players

v1.2.24 changes (since v1.2.20)

  • Fix snappy menu controls breaking the grange display menu
  • Fixed a few minor issues with shop menus
  • Fixed the player not getting the recipe for Cookies if they skip Evelyn's event
  • Fixed a typo of the word 'pronounce' in the marriage event
  • Increased stability of preference-saving code. This should fix infrequent crashes that require the player to delete startup_preferences
  • Fixed a crash that can happen when a pig tries to spawn a truffle but there's no space for it
  • Fixed a couple of rare crashes that could have occurred at any time during the game

v1.2.20 changes (since v1.2.18)

  • Fixed a few more situations where the cursor would show up unnecessarily when using a gamepad
  • Made the links in the about menu selectable with the gamepad
  • Fixed the shipping bin menu not allowing the cursor to move up within the inventory grid
  • The skip event button doesn't show if you're using a gamepad (use the back button to skip)
  • A few Chinese translation fixes

v1.2.18 changes

  • Fixed an issue where if you were using a gamepad and used Exit to Title, the cursor could get stuck off-screen.
  • Added translations for the new "use gamepad-style menus" option

v1.2.17 changes

  • ~7000 more characters have been added to the Chinese fonts. These aren't needed for the text in the game itself, but are expected to be relatively common in text input (e.g. in the names you give your farmer, farm, animals, etc.)
  • Switching from "Windowed Borderless" to "Fullscreen" should now go straight to fullscreen instead of Windowed mode
  • Wallpapers and floors no longer have a tile placement indicator showing a random object

v1.2.16 changes

  • Some translation fixes for German and Chinese
  • Made the back button on the load game screen accessible with the new snappy gamepad cursor functionality
  • Fixed a minor graphical issue in the Backwoods

1.2.15 changes

  • More translation fixes.
  • A couple more attributions have been added to the about box
  • Fixed the issue causing dialogue to be obscured by the cursor (when playing with a gamepad)

1.2.14 changes

  • More translation fixes
  • Fixed duplicate tool issue when using a gamepad to buy a tool upgrade from Clint
  • Fixed invisible mouse cursor during some dialogs
  • Fixed missing poisonous food tooltips

1.2.13 Changes

  • Translation fixes
  • Improved text on main menu buttons for German, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Fixed event skip button not being clickable (if you've zoomed in/out far enough)
  • Fixed issue causing the date to be temporarily misplaced while saving (if you've zoomed in/out)
  • Small internal change for Pathoschild, to help with SMAPI

1.2.12 Changes

  • Farming level now affect crop yield prior to level 10
  • Many translation fixes in every language

1.2.11 Changes

  • Fixed the issue with the 'e' key backing out of menus
  • Some German language translation fixes
  • Quest text fixes
  • Fix the issue with the adventure guild 'Initiation' quest requiring rock crabs instead of slimes.

1.2.10 Changes

  • Fixed blank tooltips on animal purchase menu
  • Fixed a crash when buying an animal
  • Potential fix for a crash one user reported while loading a save file, as the game switched to fullscreen mode.
  • Fixed a threading issue that was the cause of:
    • 'Waking up' in the farm house between entering bed and shipping items / saving.
    • Probably the one or two crashes when sleeping / saving that people have reported
  • Gamepad control changes:
    • Mouse cursor replaced with gloved hand when using the new snappy controls option
    • Typing no longer moves the cursor around between widgets in character customization menu
    • Pressing the back button organizes your inventory in the menu and in chests
    • Pressing the back button skips events
    • Pressing X to take an item out of a chest will no longer move the cursor back to the first item

1.2.9 Changes

  • New translations have been added (fixing the "Looking for Saved Games" message on the load menu always being English)
  • Eric's new gamepad control improvements, which make the cursor snap between buttons & other interactive components

1.2.8 Changes

  • Fixed missing border around item counts drawn on recipe tooltips.
  • Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred overnight that was dependent on your friendship levels with the NPCs.
  • Fixed the crash during Maru's 10 heart event.
  • The title screen on the Prairie King minigame no longer requires a button press.
  • Various internal changes.

1.2.7 Changes

  • Further Russian font fixes.

1.2.6 Changes

  • Updated Russian fonts for legibility (thanks for the feedback, it was really useful)
  • Fixed '+' plus signs appearing in fonts as smileys.
  • Reduced the size of text in some places to avoid running out of space.
  • Chinese title screen has 'Stardew Valley' written in Simplified Chinese.
  • Some Russian translation fixes.

1.2.5 Changes

  • Fix for misplaced text on the "help wanted" billboard
  • Fix for bundle pages not being closeable via the close button
  • Fix for the heart character not showing in some languages (in for instance "<pet name> loves you. ?")
  • Some minor translation fixes in Portuguese and Spanish
  • New fonts for Spanish, German, Portuguese and Russian (Eric added the characters we needed to his font). A few notes:
    • Please provide feedback about legibility!
    • Plus ('+') signs appear as smiley faces for now. We know about this and are fixing it.
    • We've noticed text overlaps UI and runs out of space in a few places in German and Russian. We're working on it, but please let us know where you see this happen.

1.2.4 Changes

  • NPCs in Portuguese now have the same names as in English. Please be on the lookout for use of the wrong name in dialogue, UI, etc.

1.2.3 Changes

  • Fixed day/time/money box & buff icon positioning
  • Potential fix for the crash in shop interfaces
  • A few internal changes also happened to get us ready for more translations to come in... you probably won't notice this though ;)

1.2.2 Changes

  • Zoom buttons work now
  • Main menu no longer messed up after modifying zoom and using Exit to Title
  • Fixed the issue where music would play on the main menu even when muted after Exit to Title
  • Fixed missing 'Loading...' text in some languages
  • Fixed lighting shader not covering the screen on Mac and Linux

1.2.1 Changes

  • Fixed some instances of English text appearing instead of translated text
  • Fixed the issue where save files would not load if your system's language was set to something other than English (this might fix some crashes too)

1.2.0 Changes

Version 1.11 October 6th, 2016[5]

October 5th, 2016[6]

1.11 Changes

Minor Changes

  • All the new farms now provide some kind of fishing opportunity, although the Riverlands farm is still superior.
  • The Riverlands farm now has the potential to spawn splashing fish nodes and ore panning nodes.
  • You can place buildings on most grass areas.
  • On the riverlands and forest maps, some bushes can be destroyed with an upgraded axe.
  • Digging spots now appear on The Farm, although less frequent as elsewhere. The hill-top quarry also has a chance of spawning them.
  • The forage berry bushes are now affected by the Botanist perk.
  • Slime Egg prices increased
  • Placing a Wicked Statue in a slime hutch prevents the witch from visiting it.
  • On the forest map, forage items have a chance to spawn on any grassy area, not just in the west.
  • Spouses will now speak to you when they come home on Friday nights.

Bug Fixes

  • Price of Galaxy Dagger has been corrected to 35,000 (it was at 350,000).
  • The Artisan Perk description has been corrected to reflect the actual bonus (it's 40% now, but the description still says 50%).
  • Weeds in the Mutant Bug Lair no longer change with the season (and no longer turn to battery packs in the winter).
  • Mutant Bug Lair now replenishes itself a bit each day.
  • Monsters in the mutant bug lair will now always be mutant... not revert to the standard grub/fly after saving and reloading.
  • Meteorites can no longer land on top of stumps or boulders
  • You can once again place buildings in the little-shaded strip right below cliffs.
  • Fixed some tiles on the farm maps
  • Fixed problem with forage spawning under stumps
  • Spring Onions can be iridium quality with the botanist perk
  • Truffles should no longer spawn in the water
  • Pets should no longer be able to walk down the cellar stairs into the void.
  • The Outlaw boss in Journey of the Prairie King will warp back to the center of the map if he happens to run too far off screen in either direction
  • Coop animals can now actually produce higher quality produce like they were supposed to
  • Can no longer fill your watering can at a well that isn't fully constructed or in construction.
  • Trees can no longer spread off the map into the void, causing the game to start getting slower with each day. The new patch will retroactively remove these problem trees as well.
  • You should now properly see the final Joja cutscene, even if you switched to JojaMart after completing most of the Community Center
  • Forage items shouldn't spawn in inaccessible places anymore.
  • Fixed issue where lightning that struck an object on the farm would cause that object to "pop" into the current map when the current map was not the farm.
  • When you reach level 5 or 10 in a skill, but haven't slept yet, it no longer shows your new profession as "Desperado"
  • Minor convenience adjustments and bug fixes.
Version 1.1 October 3rd, 2016[7]

September 29th, 2016[8]

1.1 Changes

Marriage Candidates

  • Marriage candidates now have an outdoor area on the farm that is unique for most spouses, and sometimes spend time out there, usually doing a unique behavior.
    • Sam has a little halfpipe and he does skateboard tricks.
    • Maru has a little gadget that she works on.
    • Abigail plays her flute.
    • Leah has a sculpture to carve.
    • Sebastian works on his bike.
    • Alex lifts weights.
    • Penny, Harvey, and Elliott read a book in a little potted plant garden.
    • Emily meditates in a crystal garden.
    • Haley takes pictures between two potted palm trees.
    • Shane has a little chicken hutch, and he stands by it holding his chicken "Charlie".
  • Shane can be married and has new dialogue, scheduling and heart events.
    • There's a new door for Shane in Marnie's shop which is locked.
    • Shane's "spouse room" a mess, with a mini-fridge and a muddy path of footprints leading up to it.
  • Emily can be married and has new dialogue, scheduling and heart events.


Robin has a few new buildings available for sale. The wizard will also offer new farm buildings after completing a questline.

  • Shed - The shed is just an empty room which players can do whatever they like with. They can decorate it the same way as their house.
  • Mill - Players can place wheat in it to make flour, or beets to make sugar. One wheat makes one flour. One beet makes 3 sugars. When they place wheat or beets inside the flour or sugar will be ready the next morning. The little box on the right side of the mill acts like a chest and it will contain any product that has been milled the previous day.
  • A new quest is available which will allow the Wizard to summon special buildings to the farm. These buildings are very expensive and intended for end-game. They'll appear instantly after purchase unlike Robin's buildings which require construction:
    • Junimo Hut (Magical Construction) - Junimos will come out to harvest any mature crops within a certain distance of the hut. The junimos will place the crops they harvest in the hut for players to grab at their leisure.
    • Water Obelisk (Magical Construction) - When interacted with, it warps players to the beach, exactly like the beach warp totem. It's basically an infinite totem that lives on the farm.
    • Earth Obelisk (Magical Construction) - Just like the water obelisk except it warps players to the mountains.
    • Gold Clock (Magical Construction) - Prevents debris from appearing on your farm. Keeps fences from decaying.

Other Changes

Farm Maps

  • There are now 5 farm maps to choose from when starting a new game. The basic map that exists currently, as well as a new map themed around each "skill". Each special map has a feature that makes it a little different:
    • Riverlands - Lots of water on this map... limiting your farm space. Looks nice. Fishing is actually viable on this farm... In fact, players can catch the same fish that are available in town.
    • Forest - The forest encroaches on the land, limiting farming space. However, there are renewable stumps on the east edge of the map, and seasonal forage items spawn there as well. Also, there is a new type of "weed" that spawns on the farm, which looks unique and will always drop mixed seeds when cut.
    • Hill-Top - Lots of cliffs... and there is a special mining area in the southwest where ore will spawn, as well as unique geode-bearing stones.
    • Wilderness - Lots of space to farm, looks a little more interesting than the basic farm with a large lake in the southwest corner, and a cliff along the east and south. On this map, Bats and golems will come out at night. There is a new monster called a Wilderness Golem which is unique to this map. It behaves just like the stone golem, but has different drops. Its stats scale with player combat level.
  • Each map also comes with unique decorations inside the players house.

New Crop - Coffee

  • Coffee Beans added.
    • These can be planted in either spring or summer to grow more Coffee Beans.
    • After it becomes mature it regrows every 2 days after harvest. It can produce multiple beans per harvest, like berries. Also, similar to sunflowers, the beans harvested also act as the seeds for the crop.
    • Coffee beans can be placed in the keg to make coffee.
    • They have a chance to drop from Dust Sprites.

New Farmhouse Upgrade

  • Players can upgrade their house an additional time, which adds a cellar. It can be accessed by taking stairs down from the kitchen.
  • In the cellar, there are new items called casks.
    • Players can place alcohol and cheese into the casks to age them. Over time, they will improve in quality and value. These aged items can even go above "gold star" quality to reach "iridium star" quality, a new level of quality. Iridium star level quality doubles the value of an item. Different types of items take longer or slower to age. Wine takes the longest... it takes 2 seasons of aging to go from basic wine to iridium quality wine.
    • Also, fruit trees can now produce iridium quality fruit. The fruit trees increase quality by 1 star per year of age after reaching maturity.


  • Players can now divorce their spouse by filing in a little book inside the mayor's house.
  • After divorce, your spouse moves out and returns to their old life, but any children will stay.
  • After divorce ex-spouses are less friendly toward the player and have unique 'rejected' dialogue.
  • Using the Dark Shrine of Memory in the Witch's Hut will erase the ex-spouses memory, making it seem like you had never been married.

New Content

Minor Changes

  • New mail messages after the player passes out from exhaustion or dies. They'll sometimes end up at Harvey's clinic after death.
  • Strange Bun had its price and cooking ingredients adjusted.
  • Giving someone a gift on their birthday will never make your spouse jealous.
  • You can now wallpaper the little hallways in your upgraded house.
  • When you beat Journey of the Prairie King, you can now start over in a harder mode, keeping your upgrades and coins.
  • 2 new "Lost Books" to collect for the library.
  • You can now choose to color your chests with one of 20 color options.
  • NPC's now appreciate quality level in gifts, but it only has an effect on gifts they "like" or "love".
  • You can now move your buildings via Robin's construction menu.
  • Krobus now sells Void Eggs.
  • Slime Balls now have a chance to drop Petrified Slime.
  • When paused, the time now blinks from black to gray, to black.
  • Added a graphics option to display "sharper" stack number digits.
  • Kegs no longer require clay to craft.
  • You can once again plant fruit trees around the edge of the Greenhouse interior.
  • After seeing Shane's 8-heart event, each chicken you purchase from Marnie has a 1/4 chance of being blue. Aside from appearance, the blue chicken is identical to the white chicken.
  • Sunflower Seeds can now be purchased and planted in summer in addition to fall.
Balance Changes
  • All animal products are increased in value by 25% (rounded up to the nearest 5g)
  • The Rancher profession now increases the value of animal products by 20%, up from 10%
  • The Artisan profession now increases the value of Artisan goods by 40%, down from 50%
  • The Blacksmith profession now increases the value of metal bars by 50%, up from 25%
  • The value of Blueberry is now 50g, down from 80g
  • The value of Starfruit is now 750g, down from 800g
  • The value of Cranberry is now 75g, down from 130g
  • The value of Ancient Fruit is now 550g, down from 750g
  • Cranberry Sauce has had its value reduced to 120g
  • Stuffing has had its value reduced to 165g
  • Cranberry Candy has had its value reduced to 175g
  • Blueberry Tart has had its value reduced to 150g
  • Fruit Salad has had its value reduced to 450g
  • Reduced sell price of Cranberry Seeds to 60g

Bug Fixes

  • Wild plums are now labeled as fruit.
  • Grandpa's Shrine should now always properly give the reward for reaching 4 candles.
  • Fixed issue where gathering an item with the "botanist" profession would fail if the inventory was full, even though the gold-level item was present in the inventory.
  • Slime charmer ring should now protect against giant slimes.
  • You can no longer tap a stump.
  • Fixed Joja Warehouse graphic issue in winter.
  • "Check action"-mapped keys should now work to attach bait to a rod.
  • Rain ambient sound should no longer play in Sandy's Oasis under any conditions.
  • Your baby should now be properly born, even if you pass out in the mines on the eve of the birth.
  • Moonlight Jellies engagement crash.
  • Galaxy sword should now be truly unloseable.
  • You can no longer lose hay to a hopper because you have no silo.
  • You can no longer plant fruit trees off the farm.
  • Typo fixes
Version 1.07a[9] July 29, 2016

1.07a Changes

Free update to Steam and GOG for Mac OSX and Linux compatibility.

Version 1.07[10] April 4th, 2016

March 31st, 2016

1.07 Changes/Fixes

  • Spouses now say unique dialogues during festivals (most of the time), rather than the generic handful of dialogues.
  • Spouse stands next to you at the Dance of the Moonlight Jellies .
  • In-law dialogue... when you marry someone, their parents/relatives dialogues will change slightly to account for the change.
  • Sam, Sebastian, and Abigail now go to the saloon on fridays after you marry them.
  • Spouses won't leave on rainy days, unless they have to go to work.
  • Fruit trees produce higher quality fruit as they age. (once per year, up to gold star).
  • Fruit tree harvesting now involves shaking the tree to drop the fruit.
  • Lightning strikes now have a unique effect on fruit trees.
  • Lightning is more likely to strike trees and crops, but lightning rods now have a very good chance of intercepting lightning strikes (if they aren't already processing a lightning bolt).
  • Charcoal Kiln now requires 10 wood to produce 1 coal, down from 20.
  • Maxed-out friendship levels will no longer decay.
  • Added another digit to the shipping menu money counters.
  • Dying in mines is less harsh: money lost caps at 5000g, rate of item loss reduced, can't lose rings or the Galaxy Sword.
  • Your assigned movement keys are now used within Journey of the Prairie King.
  • You can now retrieve powerups and coins that drop on the edge of the map in Journey of the Prairie King.
  • The last two hearts are now greyed-out for marriage candidates until you give them the bouquet.
  • Willy now likes most fish dishes.
  • Adventurer's Guild now sells monster slayer rewards after you've unlocked them (you still get the free reward).
  • Hardware mouse cursor option.
Bug Fixes
  • Tools left in chests within farm buildings won't count as "missing".
  • Poppy properly consumed in poppyseed muffin recipe.
  • Can no longer incorrectly "consume" trap bobbers (click to make them disappear with strange sound).
  • Agriculturist profession no longer causes an extra 25% growth rate when speed-gro isn't present. Speed increase effects should now properly apply to very slow-growing crops.
  • Fixed sunflower seed price at JojaMart.
  • Chests should no longer appear on top of your in bed after upgrading your house.
  • Item placement with the gamepad improved, and there is now an option to show an item placement indicator.
  • Snow yams shouldn't appear in the desert anymore.
  • Sea Cucumber should properly appear in the fishing tab of the Shipping menu.
  • Farm animals should no longer get stuck on fences placed directly to the right of the barn door.
  • Various minor bug fixes.
  • Minor changes/fixes to dialogue.
Version 1.06[12] March 20th, 2016

1.06 Changes/Fixes

  • Added unique dialogues for all spouses.
  • Spouses now leave the house on mondays.
  • Value of most animal products increased.
  • Holly is now poisonous.
  • Missing events problem shouldn't happen anymore.
  • Minor bug/grammar/graphics fixes.
Version 1.051b[13] March 17th, 2016 (HOTFIX)

1.051b Changes/Fixes

  • Fixed disappearing item problem. (items can still be destroyed by farm debris).
  • Kegs now require oak resin to craft.
  • Bee houses now require maple syrup to craft.
  • Tortilla price changed from 75g to 50g.
  • Nautilus shell (artifact) renamed to Nautilus fossil.
Version 1.051[14] March 12th, 2016 (HOTFIX)

1.051 Changes/Fixes

  • Fixed weird rectangle lighting problem.
  • Flooring can now be removed by bombs.
  • You can press a "menu" button (
    by default) to close out of yes/no dialogues.
  • If no other function is mapped to it, the
    key will choose "yes" in a yes/no dialogue.
  • You can use the trigger buttons on a gamepad to navigate through the Community Center menu.
  • Minor fixes.
  • More secrets.
Version 1.05[15] March 9th, 2016 (RELEASE)

March 4th, 2016 (BETA)

1.05 Gameplay Additions/Changes

  • Only read if you've gotten to year 3: Grandpa's had a change of heart... he feels he's been a little too harsh with his judgements. He no longer mentions "great honors", and his dialogue is a lot softer. If he's already visited you, check his shrine for a new opportunity...
  • Restored a "Lost" Shane event.
  • Changed earthquake to Summer 3rd... to make it clear that it's the season change that kills crops.
  • Increased opportunities for iridium. The chance to find iridium in the skull caves increases significantly every ten levels.
  • Added a zoom in/out feature to the options tab.
  • Added volume sliders for ambient sounds and footstep sounds.
  • Added snow transparency slider.
  • Added option to turn off flash effects.
  • Added lighting quality option.
  • Added quest (Rat Problem) to make it clearer that you have to investigate the Community Center.

Bug Fixes

  • Leah's schedule has been fixed.
  • Spouses who have jobs won't get stuck in the bus area anymore.
  • Upgrading a house with crafted flooring should no longer cause a mess.
  • Restored more advanced NPC end-point behavior.
  • "Secret" NPC's should no longer show up on calendar until you meet them.
  • Escargot, chowder, etc. should now properly give fishing buff.
  • You now truly cannot pass the bouncer.
  • You can no longer get stuck trying to board the bus.
  • Fixed issue with invisible trees preventing interaction with tiles.
  • Dead flowers no longer affect honey.
  • You can now dance with your spouse at the Flower Dance.
  • Game should now properly pause when steam overlay is active.
  • Fixed issue where inactive window was still responding to input.
  • Fixed fertilizer prices in Pierre's shop.
  • Fixed Fector's Challenge.
  • You can now press the toolbar shortcut keys (
    , etc. by default) to change the active slot while the inventory menu is up.
  • Iron ore nodes can no longer be removed, only destroyed.
  • Dog should no longer sit on chests...
  • Spouses less likely to run away into the dark abyss.
  • Naming your child after an NPC should no longer cause issues.
  • Fixed issue where recipes would sometimes consume more ingredients than they should.
  • Fixed crashes in certain cutscenes, when certain dialogue options were chosen.
  • Many small bug and typo fixes.
Version 1.04[16] March 1, 2016

1.04 Gameplay Additions/Changes

  • Added a randomize character button to the character creation screen.
  • Robin now sells crafting recipes for "Wood Floor", "Stone Floor", and "Stepping Stone Path".
  • Added a secret new way to modify a rare item.
  • Increased grass growth rate.
  • Increased forage spawn possibilities, and made it much less likely for forage to spawn behind trees.
  • Reduced value of honey from 200g to 100g.
  • Raised clint's ore prices.
  • Inventory menus now indicate which slot is the "active slot".
  • Made the meteroite look snazzier.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed problem with swinging sword while riding horse.
  • Fixed strange lighting behavior when holding torches.
  • Fixed problem where stone fence was spawning debris.
  • Spouse should no longer get stuck on their way to town.
  • Wild seeds now produce the proper produce when in the greenhouse.
  • Secret gift exchange should now work properly.
  • All scarecrows now give reports on their crow-scaring activity.
  • Bouncer is now truly impassable.
  • Trees no longer grow directly in front of warp statues.
  • Willy's shop no longer counts as water.
  • The meteor should no longer appear in pond or buildings.
  • If an object is ever directly underneath you, preventing you from moving, right click to remove it.
  • Mariner and Luremaster professions should now work properly.
  • Tappers are now properly destroyed by bombs.
  • Fixed bathing hairstyle inconsistency.
  • Fixed various item duplication and stacking issues.
  • Poppyseed Muffin now actually looks like a muffin.
  • Quest items should no longer disappear when you die.
  • You can no longer give quest items to the wrong person.
  • The Skull Cave quest can no longer be completed before receiving the actual journal entry.
Version 1.03[17] February 28, 2016

1.03 Gameplay Additions/Changes

  • The cooking menu now looks for items in your refrigerator as well as your inventory.
  • Scarecrow range reduce to 8 tiles radius.
  • The price of mayonnaise and other artisan animal products now increased by the rancher profession.
  • Once you befriend someone to 2 hearts, their room is permanently unlocked, even if you go below 2 hearts again.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed duplicate item issue in the mines.
  • Ladders should no longer spawn underneath the player, locking them in place.
  • Fixed problems with the Community Center menu. You can now throw items down and delete them (
    key) in the Community Center menu.
  • Fixed item quality exploit.
  • You can now throw items down while in the crafting menu.
  • If you destroy the stable, you can now rebuild it.
  • Spa won't recharge you while the game is paused (e.g. steam overlay up).
  • Fixed problems with the Stardew Valley Fair fishing game.
  • Various stability fixes.
Version 1.02[18] February 27, 2016

1.02 Changes/Fixes

  • If you never received your pet, you will now have another opportunity.
  • When you go to sleep, the game now checks if any of your essential tools are missing. If so, they will appear next to your bed in the morning.
  • The game now properly saves on level-up nights.
  • Eating skill food and then going to bed on a level-up night works properly now.
  • Fixed problem where completing the Crafts Room while standing in certain locations causes your character to get stuck.
  • Player character should now walk correctly while in a cutscene after drinking coffee.
  • Removed an item duplication exploit.
  • Forage items should no longer spawn in the woods above the beach.
  • Fixed Crab Pot problem (again).
  • Fixed exploding armchair bug.
  • Relaxing in the spa with your menu up no longer restores energy.
  • Removed Leah's doppelganger.
  • Debris should no longer spawn in the pathway between farm & forest.
  • Fixed disappearing tapper problem.
  • Fixed a few minor graphics problems & dialogue typos.
  • Other minor issues (spoilers).
  • Tools being upgraded no longer erroneously considered "missing".
  • Clay duplication bug fixed.
  • Pet cutscene won't refer to the "cat" as a "dog" anymore.
  • Leah's 10-heart event fixed.
  • Pepper Popper recipe now requires cheese.
Version 1.01[19] February 26, 2016

1.01 Changes/Fixes

  • Fixed random crash when going to sleep after getting your pet.
  • Sound effect volume now properly applied on load.
  • 'Error item' should no longer appear for sale in the Saloon.
  • Z
    key is now bind-able.
  • No longer possible to exit the Community Center menus while holding an item.
  • Finding your first artifact from a geode no longer destroys remaining held geodes.
  • Mature wild crops no longer disappear on day of load.
  • Crab pots can now be placed and removed without issue.
  • Fixed crash when inspecting chests in the mines.
  • You can no longer place chests in the mines.
  • Tree seeds no longer incorrectly show a "Wrong Season" message.
  • Fixed some map issues.
Version 1.0[20] February 26, 2016

Release Build

  • Stardew Valley released.