Mixed Seeds

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Mixed Seeds
Mixed Seeds.png
There's a little bit of everything here. Plant them and see what grows!
Crop Varies
Growth Time Varies


Sell Price: Coin Icon0g
Purchase Prices
General Store Price Not Sold
JojaMart Price Not Sold
Travelling Cart Price Not Sold

Mixed Seeds are a random type of seed capable of being planted to produce low-grade crops (as listed below). Which crops will grow from them is decided when they are planted. Mixed seeds collected in any season always grow to become crops of the season in which they are planted. They cannot be planted in the Winter, except in the Greenhouse. When planted in the Greenhouse, they become a random low-grade crop from any season.

Mixed Seeds can be obtained by cutting weeds with a scythe, digging up dirt or sand with a hoe, or from Fishing Treasure Chests. They are also sold by Krobus on Thursdays for Coin Icon30g.

Whenever the Seed Maker is used with any crop, there is a small chance you will get 1-4 Mixed Seeds instead of the crop's seeds.


Villager Reactions
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List of seeds

Mixed Seeds will turn into the following seeds upon planting:

Season Seeds

Parsnip Seeds.png Parsnip SeedsCauliflower Seeds.png Cauliflower SeedsPotato Seeds.png Potato Seeds


Corn Seeds.png Corn SeedsWheat Seeds.png Wheat SeedsHot Pepper Seeds.png Pepper SeedsRadish Seeds.png Radish Seeds


Corn Seeds.png Corn SeedsEggplant Seeds.png Eggplant SeedsArtichoke Seeds.png Artichoke SeedsPumpkin Seeds.png Pumpkin Seeds

Winter Any of the above (Greenhouse only).