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Birthday: Spring 27
Lives In: Pelican Town
Address: 2 Willow Lane

Haley Icon.png Haley (Sister)


Sandy Icon.png Sandy

Gus Icon.png Gus

Clint Icon.png Clint

Shane Icon.png Shane

Marriage: Yes[1]
Best Gifts:

Survival Burger.png Survival BurgerEmerald.png EmeraldAquamarine.png AquamarineAmethyst.png AmethystRuby.png RubyTopaz.png TopazJade.png JadeCloth.png ClothWool.png Wool

“I'm just working at Gus' to make ends meet... but my real passion is tailoring. I made these clothes from scratch.”
— Emily

Emily is a villager who lives in Pelican Town. Her home is south of the town square, right next to Jodi's, at the address 2 Willow Lane. She works most evenings at the saloon starting at about 4:00 PM.

Emily loves to make her own clothing, but fabric can be difficult to come by in town. Among her favorite gifts are cloth and wool.


Spring.png Spring


Time Location
9:00 AM Wakes up for the day
12:00 PM Leaves her bedroom and goes to the bookshelf.
4:30 PM Working at the saloon.


Time Location
12:00 PM Leaves her bedroom.
1:00 PM Arrives at Pierre's to meet up with Jodi, Caroline, Marnie, and Robin for exercise.


Time Location
12:00pm Leaves bedroom to stand in front of living room bookshelf.


Time Location
11:30 AM Still in her bedroom at home.


Time Location
11:30 PM In her bedroom.
12:00 PM Leaves bedroom to stand in front of living room bookshelf.
12:30 PM Waiting in her living room.


Time Location
12:00 PM Leaves her bedroom.
12:40 PM Looks at bookshelf in her living room.
9:00 PM In her bedroom (only accessible to friends).


Time Location
12:00 PM Leaves her bedroom.
Summer.png Summer


Time Location
1:20 PM Standing in front of the bookcase in her living room.


Time Location
1:00pm In Pierre's shop, the room adjacent to it training with other women.


Time Location
10:20 AM Standing in her Bedroom
3:10 PM Standing in her living room
4:10 PM Arrives at Saloon


Time Location


Time Location
9:00 AM In her room (only accessible to friends)
12:00 PM Moves and sits in living room


Time Location
3:50 PM Walks through Town Square on her way to Saloon
4:10 PM Arrives at Saloon


Time Location
12:00 PM Leaves her bedroom and goes to the bookshelf.
Fall.png Fall


Time Location


Time Location
9:00 In her room.
10:20 Leaves the house.
11:00 Enters Pierre's General Store
1:00 Joins Arobics Class


Time Location
4:10 PM Enters Saloon


Time Location
12:00 PM Leaves her bedroom and goes to her bookshelf


Time Location
12:00 PM Leaves her bedroom and goes to the bookshelf.
04:00 PM Leaves her house and goes to the saloon.


Time Location


Time Location
12:00 PM Leaves her bedroom and goes to the bookshelf.
Winter.png Winter


Time Location
1:00 PM In living room, looking at bookshelf
3:30 PM Leaves home
4:00 PM Arrives at The Stardrop Saloon


Time Location
11:10 AM Enters Pierre's
1:20 AM Arrives home.


Time Location
12:00 PM Leaves her bedroom
4:30 PM Works at The Stardrop Saloon
Time Location
12:00 PM Leaves her bedroom


Time Location
12:00 PM Leaves her bedroom, looking at bookshelf


Time Location
12:00 PM Leaves her bedroom


Time Location
12:00 PM Wanders around her house from her bedroom

Most days Emily wakes up at about 9:00 AM, moves around her home for a few hours before leaving for work at the saloon for 3:30 PM. Her shift at the Saloon ends at 12:30 AM when she proceeds home for the night.

Her schedule can deviate from that if there are specific conditions like weather or certain days of the week. Below are her schedule deviations prioritized highest to lowest (for example when it rains that schedule will override all others below it)

Time Location Description
9:00 AM 2 Willow Lane Wakes up for the day, spends time in bedroom.
12:00 PM 2 Willow Lane Moves around her house.
3:30 PM The Saloon Leaves home to walk to the saloon to work.
12:30 AM 2 Willow Lane Leaves the saloon to head home for the night
Time Location Description
9:00 AM 2 Willow Lane Wakes up for the day
11:00 AM Caroline's House Leaves her house to meet Marnie, Caroline, Jodi, and Robin at Caroline's house starting at noon for exercise activites.
1:00 PM Caroline's House Actual exercise begins.
4:00 PM The Saloon Stop exercise class, walks over to the saloon to work.
12:30 AM 2 Willow Lane Leaves the saloon to head home for the night
Winter 11
Time Location Description
9:00 AM 2 Willow Lane Wakes up for the day
10:30 AM Medical Clinic Visit's Harvey's clinic for annual checkup. "Most of us visit the doctor for a yearly check-up."
1:30 PM Medical Clinic Continues checkup. "Doctor, I'd like to go with the 'natural remedy' if possible."
4:00 PM The Saloon Leaves the clinic and walks to the saloon for work
12:30 AM 2 Willow Lane Leaves the saloon to head home for the night
(after restoring the Community Center)
Time Location Description
9:00 AM 2 Willow Lane Wakes up for the day, spends time in bedroom.
10:00 AM Community Center Visits the community center. "What a lovely loom. I'm in heaven right now."
3:30 PM The Saloon Goes to the saloon for work
12:30 AM 2 Willow Lane Leaves the saloon to head home for the night
Regular Schedule
Time Location Description
9:00 AM 2 Willow Lane Wakes up for the day, spends time in bedroom.
12:00 PM 2 Willow Lane Moves around her house.
3:30 PM The Saloon Leaves home to walk to the saloon to work.
12:30 AM 2 Willow Lane Leaves the saloon to head home for the night
After Married
Time Location Description
6:00 AM Kitchen Standing in front of the stove.
8:30 AM Leaving the house. Walking towards town.
9:00 AM Pelican Town Walking towards her home, 2 Willow Lane.
9:40 AM 2 Willow Lane In her home. Walks towards the area to the left of the kitchen.
10:00 AM 2 Willow Lane Stands next to the blue stool and faces the kitchen area.
11:40 PM At home Walks to bed.
11:50 PM In bed Goes to bed. Sleeping.
Time Location Description
6:00 AM The Farm Standing on the front porch, closest to the mailbox.
1:00 PM Enters the house.
1:10 PM At home Moves around the house.
10:00 PM Walks to bed.
10:20 PM In bed Goes to bed. Sleeping.
Time Location Description
6:00 AM Kitchen Standing in front of the stove.
6:20 AM At home Moves around the house.
10:00 PM In bed Goes to bed. Sleeping.
Time Location Description
Time Location Description
Time Location Description
Time Location Description
10:00 PM At home. Goes to bed.


Emily lives with her sister Haley, and together they and care for their parents home, who have been traveling the world for the past two years. She works with Gus, who employs her part time at the saloon. She is also friends with Sandy, which they both make mention of. Sandy is aware of the player's presence even before they have access to Calico Desert, because during her first meeting with the player, she claims that they must be the new farmer Emily wrote to her about.

In a quest, Clint asks to deliver an amethyst to Emily on his behalf.


Main article: Friendship#Gifts

You can give Emily up to two gifts per week (plus one on her birthday), which will raise or lower her friendship with you. Gifts on her birthday (Spring 27) will have 8× effect and show this unique dialogue:

“A birthday gift? That's very kind of you! I love it.”


“This gift is fabulous! Thank you so much!”
Image Name Description Source Ingredients
Emily Happy.png
Universal Loves All
Survival Burger.png
Survival Burger A convenient snack for the explorer. Cooking

Bread.png Bread (1) Cave Carrot.png Cave Carrot (1) Eggplant.png Eggplant (1)

Emerald A precious stone with a brilliant green color. Mining
Aquamarine A shimmery blue-green gem. Mining
Ruby A precious stone that is sought after for its rich color and beautiful luster. Mining
Amethyst A purple variant of quartz. Mining
Topaz Fairly common but still prized for its beauty. Mining
Jade A pale green ornamental stone. Mining
Cloth A bolt of fine wool cloth. Artisan Goods

Wool.png Wool

Wool Soft, fluffy wool. Sheep, Rabbit


“Thank you! I'm feeling a positive energy from this gift”
Image Name Description Source Ingredients
Universal Likes All (except Pine Tar, Ice Cream, and Sashimi)
Juice A sweet, nutritious beverage. Artisan Goods Any Vegetable
Salad.png Salad A healthy garden salad. The Saloon


Leek.png Leek (1) Dandelion.png Dandelion (1) Vinegar.png Vinegar (1)

Autumn's Bounty.png Autumn's Bounty A taste of the season. Cooking

Yam.png Yam (1) Pumpkin.png Pumpkin (1)

Beer Drink in moderation. Artisan Goods - Keg or Gus at the Saloon. Wheat.png Wheat (1) or 400g at Saloon.
Diamond.png Diamond A rare and valuable Gem.. Mining - The Mines
Bean Hotpot.png Bean Hotpot It sure is healthy. Cooking

Green Bean.png Green Bean (2)

Red Plate.png Red Plate Full of antioxidants. Cooking

Red Cabbage.png Red Cabbage (1) Radish.png Radish (1)

Fire Quartz.png Fire Quartz A glowing red crystal commonly found near hot lava. Mining
Frozen Tear.png Frozen Tear A crystal fabled to be the frozen tears of a yeti. Mining
Earth Crystal.png Earth Crystal A resinous substance found near the surface. Mining
Honey.png Honey It's a sweet syrup produced by bees. Bee House
Crocus.png Crocus A flower that can bloom in winter. Foraging - Winter
Daffodil.png Daffodil A traditional spring flower that makes a nice gift. Foraging - Spring
Fairy Rose.png
Fairy Rose An old folk legend suggests that the sweet smell of this flower attracts fairies. Farming - Fall
Omelet.png Omelet It's super fluffy. Cooking Egg.png Egg (1)Milk.png Milk (1)
Parsnip.png Parsnip A spring tuber closely related to the carrot. It has an earthy taste and is full of nutrients. Farming - Spring
Mayonnaise.png Mayonnaise It looks spreadable. Mayonnaise Machine Egg.png Egg (1)
Sweet Pea.png Sweet Pea A fragrant summer flower. Foraging - Summer
Coffee It smells delicious. This is sure to give you a boost. Keg, The Saloon Coffee Bean.png Coffee Bean (5)
Jelly.png Jelly Gooey. Preserves Jar Any fruit


Image Name Description Source
Emily Neutral.png
Universal Neutrals All
Duck Feather.png Duck Feather It's so colorful. Animals
Sweet Gem Berry.png
Sweet Gem Berry It's by far the sweetest thing you've ever smelled. Farming - Fall
Milk.png Milk Milk • Large Milk Cow
Goat Milk.png Goat Milk Goat Milk • L. Goat Milk Goat
Blackberry.png Blackberry An early-fall treat. Foraging - Fall
Blueberry.png Blueberry A popular berry reported to have many health benefits. The blue skin has the highest nutrient concentration. Farming - Summer
Cranberries.png Cranberries These tart red berries are a traditional winter food. Farming - Fall
Duck Egg.png Duck Egg It's still warm. Ducks
Leek.png Leek A tasty relative of the onion. Foraging - Spring
Wild Plum.png
Wild Plum Tart and juicy with a pungent aroma. Foraging - Fall


“Sorry, (Name). I don't like this.”
Image Name Description Source Ingredients
Emily Concerned.png
Universal Dislikes All
Cave Carrot.png Cave Carrot A starchy snack found in caves. It helps miners work longer Foraging - The Mines
Fried Eel.png Fried Eel Greasy but flavorful. Cooking

Eel.png Eel (1) Oil.png Oil (1)

Ice Cream.png Ice Cream Everyone likes this. Cooking

Milk.png Milk (1) Sugar.png Sugar (1)

Opal.png Opal Its internal structure causes it to reflect a rainbow of light. Mining
Pine Tar.png Pine Tar A pungent substance derived from pine sap. Tapper
Rice Pudding.png Rice Pudding Everyone likes this. Cooking

Milk.png Milk (1) Sugar.png Sugar (1) Rice.png Rice (1)

Spicy Eel.png Spicy Eel It's really spicy! Be careful. Cooking

Eel.png Eel (1) Hot Pepper.png Hot Pepper (1)

Spring Onion.png Spring Onion These grow wild during the spring. Foraging - Spring
Wood.png Wood A sturdy, yet flexible plant material with a wide variety of uses. Foraging - Trees
Salmonberry.png Salmonberry A spring-time berry with the flavor of the forest. Foraging - Spring


“This gift has a strong negative energy. I can't stand it.”
Image Name Description Source Ingredients
Emily Annoyed.png
Universal Hates All
Joja Cola.png
Joja Cola Joja Corporation. Joja Corporation, Fishing, Saloon Vending Machine
Poppy.png Poppy A flower blooming in the Summer. Farming
Holly.png Holly The leaves and bright red berries make a popular winter decoration. Foraging
Salmon Dinner.png Salmon Dinner The lemon spritz makes it special. Cooking

Salmon.png Salmon (1) Amaranth.png Amaranth (1) Kale.png Kale (1)

Fish Taco.png Fish Taco It smells delicious. Cooking

Tuna.png Tuna (1) Tortilla.png Tortilla (1) Red Cabbage.png Red Cabbage (1) Mayonnaise.png Mayonnaise (1)

Sashimi.png Sashimi Raw fish sliced into thin pieces. Cooking

Fish.png Fish (1)

Maki Roll.png Maki Roll Fish and rice wrapped in seaweed. Cooking

Fish.png Fish (1) Seaweed.png Seaweed (1) Rice.png Rice (1)

Heart Events

Two Hearts

Two Hearts.png

Enter Emily's house whe she is home.

Emily is asleep in her room. The screen pans and fades, and you find yourself inside Emily's dream. It's a dreamscape of abstract shapes and colors, clouds and palm trees. Emily floats above a purple stone structure on a large cloud. She is floating, meditating and chanting "power words". You appear out of the cloud, surprising her. She wonders what you are doing in her dream. Rainbow streaks fly by, and she sees that as some kind of sign or omen. You disappear and she wakes up. She gets out of bed and says to herself that there is something special about you, that your destinies are somehow intertwined.

Three Hearts

Three Hearts.png

After reaching 3 hearts with Emily she will begin to send you recipes and gifts in the mail.

Image Item Description
48px link=
Recipe Overlay.png
Salad Flip this letter over for instructions on how to make a super-healthy meal!
You'll feel energized. See you soon.
48px link=
Recipe Overlay.png
Red Plate
48 Sea Urchin Hi!
How are you doing? I hope you enjoy the gift I've sent you... Well, goodbye!
48 Cloth
48 Wool

Four Hearts

Four Hearts.png

Enter town on a sunny day. Cannot be triggered in winter.

Emily leaves her house on a sunny day. Three parrots fly by, and she waves and refers to them as her "friends". After a moment, she continues walking but quickly stops, confused. A fourth parrot flys in too low and smacks against the window of her house. The parrot is injured. Emily rushes over and cradles the poor thing, promising that she will take care of it. Emily will now have a parrot in her room. The parrot hops around and will squawk if you go up to it and press the "check" button.

(If you marry Emily, the parrot will move into your house as well.)

Six Hearts

Six Hearts.png

Visit Emily's house when she's there.*


You'll enter Emily's room. She tells you that she is excited to show you her secret hobby that she has been working on for a long time. She'll then proceed to turn on her stereo and begin dancing for you. After the lights and music end it will ask you what you thought of the performance. You have three choices:

• "That was amazing!" +25 friendship points.
• "That was embarrassing..." -50 friendship points.
Say nothing and clap slowly. +25 friendship points.

*This event was formerly Emily's four heart event, it was changed in version 1.1. In that update it got a new unique song and dialogue, as well as animation and visual improvements.

Eight Hearts

Eight Hearts.png

A letter in the mail will invite the player to the Mayor's Manor that same day during open hours.

Emily will send you a letter in the Mail, inviting you to attend her "Clothing Therapy" session:

I have this crazy new idea that I want to involve you in... It's called "Clothing Therapy".

Please come to the Mayor's house today to see what it's all about.

Love, Emily”

Enter the Mayor's house. Emily will explain the purpose is to help the townspeople express their true selves in the form of clothing. Attending are Mayor Lewis, Abigail, Shane, Robin, and Clint. Each one takes a turn going behind the curtain. Emily instructs them to choose whatever clothes "speaks to them", put it on and then show the world without fear. One by one, you get to see each character's choice. Shane puts on a full "goth" outfit. Robin puts on a fine dress and lets her hair down, embracing her feminine side. Mayor Lewis comes out with a fancy hat, cape, and cane. Abigail comes out in a full suit of armor. Clint is apprehensive about the whole thing, but after Emily coaxes him, he goes ahead. He comes out in a button-up shirt, pink shorts and a beret. Emily sees it and says "Awww... cute!", which makes Clint depressed. After he is gone, Emily approaches you with romantic interest. Clint bursts in, saying he's too embarrassed to go out in his new outfit. He sees what's going on and feels awful. He makes some indirect remarks about it and leaves. Emily is confused.

Ten Hearts

Ten Hearts.png

A letter will invite the player to meet Emily in the Secret Woods after 10pm that night. (Note: If it is raining or a festival day, the event will trigger on the following night.)

You go camping with Emily in the Secret Woods. There is strange grunting coming from the forest. She says it's cold and snuggles up close to you by the fire. A bear comes out of the woods and approaches your campsite. It grunts loudly and you both jump and dive into the tent. The bear sniffs around and leaves. Emily says that one of the sleeping bags is still out there, and she's not willing to go out and get it... so you have to share a bag. You hear movement in the tent, the screen fades and the day ends.

The next day, the player receives a letter from Emily, saying

“Dear [Player],

I had a great time last night. I'm actually kinda glad the bear showed up!

Love, Emily”



When given the Mermaid's Pendant

“...!!! I accept!! ... I'll set everything up. We'll have the ceremony in 3 days, okay?”
“Can you believe we're about to move in together? I've never lived with anyone but my family. It's... exciting.”

When in love / Living on the farm

“I got up early and watered some crops for you. I hope it makes your job a little easier today. I also filled <pet's name> water bowl.”
“You're doing great work, <spouse name>. Keep it up.”
“It was our destiny to be together... I believe that with all my heart!”
“My horoscope for the day isn't too good... but I'm going to make the best of it, as always. Let's get to work!”
“Another beautiful day on <farm name>... I have faith that something good will happen today!”
“I love getting up early. There's a certain freshness to the air and the wildlife is much more active.”
“Every moment has a unique and precious beauty... do you notice? It can be easy to forget, sometimes.”
“I meant to let the parrot go free, but his wing never fully healed. He seems content, though. I give him lots of attention. He told me that he's happy here.”
“I'm going to spend some time with the parrot today. It breaks my heart that he'll never fly again.”
“Oooh! Ooh! I saw another one! I'm counting squirrels.”
“Ah, that aroma! It can only be you. It's a good smell.”
“A little sunlight is good for you. Just don't get crispy, okay?”
“Hey, someone must've gotten a good night of sleep... you look fresh this morning.”
“Is that a new hole I see in your shirt? I can sew that up for you, no problem.”
“Our vibrational energies are perfectly in tune. Can't you feel it?”
“It's a very cozy house... I like it.”
“What's on the agenda today, dear?”
“Are we doing okay on money, <spouse name>?”
“I don't really feel like doing anything today.”

On a rainy day

“I wonder where the flying insects go when it rains? Don't they get hit by the raindrops?”
“Certain spirits only appear in the rain. Maybe you've heard their cries?”

At night

“I swept the whole house, washed the windows, dusted, and cleaned the fridge. It was a very productive day!”
“My day went well... it's good to get out of the house now and then.”
“Welcome home, <spouse name>. I hope you had a wonderful day.”
“Is it bed time already? My, the day just floated away from me again.”

When meditating in her crystal garden

“This is my favorite spot for a morning meditation. I visualize the energy from this crystal garden flowing through my body.”

After marriage, before leaving the farm

“I'm going to visit town today, and later on I'm going to help out at the saloon. Have a nice day.”

After marriage, while working at the Saloon

“Gus seems to have problems organizing everything without me around.”

Seasonal, After Marriage

On the 1st of Fall

“The year's already half-way over. Can you believe it?”

In the fall

“Our bodies are naturally in tune with the seasons. This light and color of fall compels us to prepare for the barren winter. To our distant ancestors, this feeling was encompassing and vital. For us, it only barely peeks through the noise of modern life.”
“Winter's just around the corner. We need to double check the heating system, turn off the valves, and check all the insulation in the house. Don't worry, I'll take care of it all.”

The day before the Stardew Valley Fair

“Have you figured out what you're going to use for our grange display tomorrow?”

Before Marriage

At Home

“I feel bad for Linus. People judge him, but he's just living a different lifestyle. I wish everyone could learn to be accepting of others.”

At Home (8+ Hearts)

“Hi,[Player]! We've become decent friends, haven't we? This may sound weird, but I've always been certain this would happen.”

Doctor Visit

“Doctor, I'd like to go with the 'natural remedy' if possible.”



  • 1.0: Introduced.
  • 1.1: Added ability to marry, updated heart events, dialogue and schedule.


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