Mutant Grub

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Mutant Grub
Mutant Grub Anim.gif
Spawns In: Mutant Bug Lair
Killable: Yes
Base HP: 200
Base Damage: 12
Base Def: 0
Speed: 1
EXP Given: 6
Variations: Grub

Bug Meat.png Bug Meat (60%)Algae Soup.png Algae Soup (10%)White Algae.png White Algae (2%)Ancient Seed.png Ancient Seed (0.5%)If reached bottom of Mines:

Mutant Grubs are an enemy found in the Mutant Bug Lair.


Mutant Grubs appear in groups and attack on sight. Attempt to separate them from their groups to avoid being overrun.

Upon sustaining critical damage, they will flee and attempt to pupate. When pupating, the Mutant Grub turns darker green and is immune to all damage. They will emerge as Mutant Flies.


If you find a single grub, simply attack it constantly and chase it down if it tries to escape. They do not charge you like slimes do, making it impossible for them to hit you if you have a weapon with decent knockback. If you encounter a group of grubs, use a weapon with medium or high knockback to push them all into a corner, that way none of them can escape. Just make sure to not let any escape from the corner, as fighting an flying insect and a group of grubs is quite dangerous, especially if there are a lot of grubs. Explosive ammo from your slingshot also works well.


  • 1.1: Introduced.