Adventurer's Guild

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Adventurer's Guild
Adventurer's Guild.gif
Open Hours: 2:00PM to 10:00PM
Address: Just east of the mines, north east of town.

Marlon Icon.png Marlon

Gil Icon.png Gil

The Adventurer's Guild is located east of the mines entrance and is the home of Marlon and Gil. In here, you can purchase and sell weapons, boots and rings.

To access the Adventurer's Guild, the player must first complete the story quest "Initiation".

Interior Layout

Inside the Adventurer's Guild building players can find Marlon manning the counter, offering weapons, boots and rings for sale. Gil is sitting in his rocking chair beside the fire, and just to the left of the fireplace is the monster killing board.

Neither Marlon nor Gil accept gifts, gain friendship points, or have bedrooms for the player to enter.

Adventurer's Guild Interior.png

Monster Eradication Goals

A list of how many of certain types of monsters you kill is stored on the wall to the right of Marlon's desk. When the allotted amount has been slain, Gil will give you a reward. Previously earned rewards can be purchased from Marlon. If you have a full inventory and cannot take the reward(s) from Gil, when you close the inventory you will be unable to retrieve the reward from him. You will then have to purchase it from Marlon.

Monster Type Quantity Reward Description
SlimeFemale.png Slime(any color) 1000 Slime Charmer Ring.png Slime Charmer Ring Prevents damage from slimes.

Shadow Shaman.png Shadow Shaman Shadow Brute.png Shadow Brute

150 Savage Ring.png Savage Ring Gain a short speed boost whenever you slay a monster.
Bat.png Bat 200 Vampire Ring.png Vampire Ring Gain a little health every time you slay a monster
Skeleton.png Skeleton 50 Skeleton Mask.png Skeleton Mask The red eyes are glowing mysteriously.

Bug.png Bug Cave Fly.png Cave Fly Grub.png Grub


(150 before V1.1)

Insect Head.png Insect Head Not very pleasant to wield.
Duggy.png Duggy 30 Hard Hat.png Hard Hat Keep your dome in one piece.
Dust Sprite.png Dust Sprite 500 Burglar's Ring.png Burglar's Ring Monsters have a greater chance of dropping loot.


Image Name Description Unlocked Buy Price Sell Price
Wooden Blade.png Wooden Blade Not bad for a piece of carved wood. Coin Icon250g Coin Icon100g
Iron Dirk.png Iron Dirk A common dagger. Reach Level 15 of The Mines. Coin Icon500g Coin Icon100g
Silver Saber.png Silver Saber Plated with silver to deter rust. Reach Level 20 of The Mines. Coin Icon750g Coin Icon150g
Pirate's Sword.png Pirate's Sword It looks like a pirate owned this once. Reach Level 30 of The Mines. Coin Icon850g Coin Icon200g
Cutlass.png Cutlass A finely crafted blade. Reach Level 25 of The Mines. Coin Icon1,500g Coin Icon200g
Wood Mallet.png Wood Mallet The solid head packs a punch. Relatively light for a club. Reach Level 40 of The Mines. Coin Icon2,000g Coin Icon100g
Claymore.png Claymore It's really heavy. Reach Level 45 of The Mines. Coin Icon2,000g Coin Icon300g
Templar's Blade.png Templar's Blade It once belonged to an honorable knight. Reach Level 55 of The Mines. Coin Icon4,000g Coin Icon300g
Bone Sword.png Bone Sword A very light piece of sharpened bone. Reach Level 75 of The Mines. Coin Icon6,000g Coin Icon500g
Steel Falchion.png Steel Falchion Light and powerful. Reach Level 90 of The Mines. Coin Icon9,000g Coin Icon700g
Lava Katana.png Lava Katana A powerful blade forged in a pool of churning lava. Reach bottom of The Mines. Coin Icon25,000g Coin Icon750g
Galaxy Sword.png Galaxy Sword It's unlike anything you've ever seen. Bring a Prismatic Shard to the Three Pillars in The Desert. Coin Icon50,000g
Galaxy Dagger.png Galaxy Dagger It's unlike anything you've ever seen. After collecting the Galaxy Sword. Coin Icon35,000g
Galaxy Hammer.png Galaxy Hammer It's made from an ultra-light material you've seen before. After collecting the Galaxy Sword. Coin Icon75,000g
Sneakers.png Sneakers A little flimsy... but fashionable! Coin Icon500g Coin Icon50g
Combat Boots.png Combat Boots Reinforced with iron mesh. Coin Icon1,250g Coin Icon150g
Dark Boots.png Dark Boots Made from thick black leather. Reach Level 80 of The Mines. Coin Icon2,500g Coin Icon300g
Amethyst Ring.png Amethyst Ring Increases knockback by 10%. Coin Icon1,000g Coin Icon100g
Topaz Ring.png Topaz Ring Increases weapon precision by 10%. Coin Icon1,000g Coin Icon100g
Aquamarine Ring.png Aquamarine Ring Increases critical strike chance by 10%. Coin Icon2,500g Coin Icon200g
Jade Ring.png Jade Ring Increases critical strike power by 10%. Coin Icon2,500g Coin Icon200g
Emerald Ring.png Emerald Ring Increases weapon speed by 10%. Coin Icon5,000g Coin Icon300g
Ruby Ring.png Ruby Ring Increases attack by 10%. Coin Icon5,000g Coin Icon300g
Explosive Ammo.png Explosive Ammo Fire this with the slingshot. Have Master Slingshot in your inventory. Coin Icon100g