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Junimo Kart is a game playable on the arcade machine in The Stardrop Saloon. It is initially locked and requires the Skull Key to play. If you beat all six levels of "Progress Mode," a Junimo Kart Arcade System will be sent to you the next day in the mail.

In the game, you play as a Junimo in a cart moving to the right side of the screen. The only control you have over the cart is jumping, with the left mouse button or space bar. Holding down the left mouse button or space bar will make the cart jump higher. Pressing p will pause the game. Along the way, you will encounter gaps or railway ends, as well as level-specific obstacles, which must be avoided by jumping. If you don't jump at the right time or fall through a gap, you will lose a life. There are two modes in the game: Progress Mode and Endless Mode.

In Progress Mode, you start with 3 extra lives. When all lives are lost, your run will end. After completing a stage, your lives will be replenished up to a minimum of 3. Collecting 100 coins will also grant an extra life. Each level also has three pieces of fruit: Cherries, Orange, and Grapes. Each is worth 10 coins, and completing a level after having collected all three pieces of fruit grants another extra life (if you finished the level with fewer than 3 lives, this extra life is granted after your lives are replenished to 3). After finishing 6 levels, the game ends.

In Endless Mode, you have only one life; dying will end the run. Your score is tracked as you play, and you gain points by moving through levels. Each coin collected gives you 50 points, and collecting one of the three fruits grants 1000 points. You get 5000 points for finishing a level, and a bonus 5000 points at the end of a level for collecting all three fruits. You play through 8 levels in this mode (all except "???"), and after finishing the last level you continue from the first.

Some levels reuse existing background music, while others have songs composed specifically for them.


Crumble Cavern

(Music: Mines (Crystal Bells), Mines (A Flicker In The Deep), or Mines (Star Lumpy) at random)

The first level is relatively straightforward; there's the occasional falling boulder to worry about, but otherwise you just need to focus on jumping and grabbing coins/fruit. If you can't completely avoid an obstacle, make sure you land on top of it (as hinted by the level's title screen).

Slippery Slopes

(Music: Mines (Icicles), Mines (Marimba Of Frozen Bones), or Mines (Cloth) at random)

The second level is fairly well-previewed by its title screen: downward slopes are slippery, and there are a lot of independent upward slopes you'll need to jump between. Sliding down slopes gives you extra speed, which translates into longer jumps, and can take some getting used to. Finishing this level in under 60 seconds will result in skipping The Gem Sea Giant and Slomp's Stomp, and going straight to Ghastly Galleon.


(Music: No music, just wind ambience)

This alternate second level has an empty preview screen with a title "???". The path to this level is indicated by dots on the level map, and occurs at the wooden bridge between the rocky and ice areas. In order to reach this stage you must perfectly clear "Crumble Cavern" without losing any lives, while also collecting all coins and fruit. The scenery is that of a dark cave covered in stalagmites and stalactites with a water floor. With no unique obstacles or boulders, clearing this level should be no extra challenge. This level does however contain a huge amount of coins, so make the most of reaching it by collecting as many extra lives as you can!

The Gem Sea Giant

(Music: Junimo Kart (The Gem Sea Giant))

The third level takes place underwater, causing you to fall slower. In addition, there's a large whale on the right side of the screen that periodically spews bubbles at you, which (like all hazards) are fatal upon impact unless you land on top of them. Collecting coins/fruit may prove difficult (if not impossible) without jumping off the top of bubbles to reach high-up rails.

Slomp's Stomp

(Music: Junimo Kart (Slomp's Stomp))

This alternate third level is chosen at random. It's somewhat an inversion of Slippery Slopes: each upward slope is sticky, and slows you down. Slowing down is actually a bad thing because a giant bouncing slime is chasing you—slow down too much, and it will catch up. This is the fifth level in Endless Mode.

Ghastly Galleon

(Music: Junimo Kart (Ghastly Galleon))

On the fourth level, you move faster, meaning your jumps cover a larger distance and you have less time to react to what's going on. This level has large gaps you will need to jump over, and some narrow platforms to land on. Additionally, there are ghosts which move in circular patterns and are fatal on contact, even when landed on.

Glowshroom Grotto

(Music: Junimo Kart (Glowshroom Grotto))

This level has pairs of giant purple mushrooms; riding on one causes it to lower and the other to raise upwards. You'll need to be careful about how much time you spend on each in order to successfully reach the next rail. There are occasional smaller red mushrooms that shoot slow projectiles upwards; carefully jump through a gap in the pattern to avoid dying. There are also smaller purple mushrooms that you can bounce off of, similar to boulders and bubbles. This is the sixth level in Endless Mode.

Red Hot Rollercoaster

(Music: Mines (Danger!))

This alternate fifth level has, as the title screen suggests, lots of adjacent diagonal ramps, leading to potential confusion on where you should jump from. There are also falling boulders, like Crumble Cavern. It also has a tendency towards stretches of mostly empty space scattered with short sections of rail, requiring constant jumping to safely make it across. In Endless Mode, this is the seventh level.

Sunset Speedway

(No music, just nighttime sound effects)

The final level is full of short rails at widely scattered heights, making it very easy to slip off and fall to your doom. This is the eighth level in Endless Mode.


Junimo Kart Prior to Version 1.4


  • On the title screen of Endless Mode, there is a leaderboard with scores from some of the game's Villagers. Your scores will appear on the leaderboard if you score high enough.
  • Junimo Kart may be a reference to the Nintendo game Mario Kart.


  • 1.0: Introduced.
  • 1.1: Lives reduced from six to three.
  • 1.4: Entire minigame "completely redone and is now actually fun."