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Birthday: N/A
Lives In: Community Center
Address: Community Center
Marriage: No
Best Gifts: N/A
“We are the Junimos... Keepers of the forest.”

Junimos are forest spirits from a spirit world that have taken up residence in the broken down Community Center.

The player can complete Bundles for the Junimos by collecting and offering various items found in the Valley. When a bundle is completed, a Junimo will come and collect it, then stash it away in the hut in the main room of the Community Center. Completing a bundle will reward you with an item, and completing all bundles on a plaque will reward you with an improvement to the valley, and a star toward the Community Center. When all bundles have been completed, the Community Center will be repaired.

When all items in a plaque are collected, the Junimo will commence work on a task that night, repairing whatever was promised at the bottom of the bundle. You should not complete a bundle on the day your spouse is due for birth/day of adoption as this cutscene can stop the event happening. After completing a plaque, the surrounding area will be repaired. When completing a plaque, a baby Junimo will follow you until leaving the community center.

For full list of rewards, see Bundles.

If the player buys the membership from JojaMart, the Community Center will be turned into a storage center and the Jumino will no longer live there. If the player chooses to buy the membership they will no longer be able to complete Bundles.

There's an oversized Junimo Plush available which can be found as a decoration.

On the title screen, clicking any of the leaves ten times will cause three Junimos to appear and wave.

Junimo Hut

Main article: Junimo Hut

Players can purchase a Junimo Hut from the Wizard in late game. Once placed Junimo's will move inside and live on the player's farm. They'll automatically harvest any ripe crops nearby their hut and collect them inside, which can be gathered by the player at their leisure.

Junimo Hut.png