Qi Gem

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Qi Gem
Qi Gem.png
A special currency honored by Mr. Qi.

Mr. Qi Icon.png Mr. Qi (Quests)

Monsters in dangerous Mines or Skull Cavern
Sell Price Cannot be sold

Qi Gems are obtained by completing challenges in Mr. Qi's walnut room on Ginger Island, and used to buy rewards in the same room. They can also be received from selling Golden Walnuts and can be dropped from monsters in the "dangerous" version of the Mines and during the Skull Cavern Invasion quest. Stick Bugs in the Dangerous Mines are guaranteed to drop a Qi Gem when slain, with a 50% chance of dropping an extra one. The amount of Qi Gems that a player has is displayed directly underneath the Player's name in the skills tab.


Two easy ways to convert Qi Gems into gold are:

  • Buying Hoppers and deconstructing them using deconstructors into radioactive bars which sell for data-sort-value="3000">Gold.png3,000g each (data-sort-value="4500">Gold.png4,500g with the Blacksmith profession). This method is more profitable, but takes more time and requires deconstructors. Using this method, each Qi Gem is worth data-sort-value="300">Gold.png300g (data-sort-value="450">Gold.png450g with the Blacksmith profession).
  • Buying Qi Seasoning which sell for data-sort-value="200">Gold.png200g each. Using this method, each Qi Gem is worth data-sort-value="200">Gold.png200g.

Rewards Shop

Main article: Qi's Walnut Room#Stock
Image Name Description Price
Junimo Chest.png
Junimo Chest Through the power of forest magic, every Junimo Chest links to the same stash.
The first time it's purchased, you must get two for data-sort-value="30">Qi Gem.png 30.

You must then close the shop interface and re-open it in order to purchase more of them one at a time.
This can be done immediately after initial purchase, or at any time.

data-sort-value="15">Qi Gem.png 15
Horse Flute.png
Horse Flute Playing this flute will summon your horse. Only works outdoors. data-sort-value="50">Qi Gem.png 50
Pierre's Missing Stocklist.png
Pierre's Missing Stocklist Pierre might be interested in this. data-sort-value="50">Qi Gem.png 50
Hopper Items placed inside will automatically be loaded into the machine in front of it. data-sort-value="10">Qi Gem.png 10
Enricher (4) Place on a sprinkler and load with fertilizer to automatically apply it when planting seeds nearby. data-sort-value="20">Qi Gem.png 20
Pressure Nozzle.png
Pressure Nozzle (4) Place on a sprinkler to increase its watering range. data-sort-value="20">Qi Gem.png 20
Deconstructor Destroys crafted items, but salvages their most valuable material. data-sort-value="20">Qi Gem.png 20
Key To The Town.png
Key To The Town Allows access to all buildings in town, at any time of day. data-sort-value="20">Qi Gem.png 20
Galaxy Soul.png
Galaxy Soul Forge 3 of these into a Galaxy weapon to unleash its final form. data-sort-value="40">Qi Gem.png 40
Mushroom Tree Seed.png
Mushroom Tree Seed Place this on your farm to plant a mushroom tree. data-sort-value="5">Qi Gem.png 5
Magic Bait.png
Magic Bait (20) Allows you to catch fish from any season, time, or weather, from whichever type of water you cast into. data-sort-value="5">Qi Gem.png 5
Qi Seasoning.png
Qi Seasoning (10) Just a dash will elevate any dish to extraordinary heights. Automatically applied when cooking. data-sort-value="10">Qi Gem.png 10
Mr. Qi's Hat.png
Mr. Qi's Hat A replica of Mr. Qi's iconic hat. data-sort-value="5">Qi Gem.png 5
Aquatic Sanctuary.png
Aquatic Sanctuary Can be placed inside your house. data-sort-value="20">Qi Gem.png 20
Heavy Tapper.png
Recipe Overlay.png
Heavy Tapper Recipe A recipe to make Heavy Tapper data-sort-value="20">Qi Gem.png 20
Hyper Speed-Gro.png
Recipe Overlay.png
Hyper Speed-Gro Recipe A recipe to make Hyper Speed-Gro data-sort-value="30">Qi Gem.png 30
Deluxe Fertilizer.png
Recipe Overlay.png
Deluxe Fertilizer Recipe A recipe to make Deluxe Fertilizer data-sort-value="20">Qi Gem.png 20
Recipe Overlay.png
Hopper Recipe A recipe to make Hopper data-sort-value="50">Qi Gem.png 50
Magic Bait.png
Recipe Overlay.png
Magic Bait Recipe A recipe to make Magic Bait data-sort-value="20">Qi Gem.png 20
Mini-Shipping Bin.png
Mini-Shipping Bin Items placed in it will be included in the nightly shipment. data-sort-value="60">Qi Gem.png 60
Exotic Double Bed.png
Exotic Double Bed Can be placed inside your house. data-sort-value="50">Qi Gem.png 50
Blue Grass Starter.png
Recipe Overlay.png
Blue Grass Starter Recipe A recipe to make Blue Grass Starter data-sort-value="40">Qi Gem.png 40
Fireworks (Red).png
Fireworks (Red) An old tradition for celebrations and festivities. Handle with care! data-sort-value="1">Qi Gem.png 1
Fireworks (Purple).png
Fireworks (Purple) An old tradition for celebrations and festivities. Handle with care! data-sort-value="1">Qi Gem.png 1
Fireworks (Green).png
Fireworks (Green) An old tradition for celebrations and festivities. Handle with care! data-sort-value="1">Qi Gem.png 1
Qi Gem.png
Qi Gem (2) A special currency honored by Mr. Qi.
Becomes available once Ginger Island is fully upgraded and the player has extra golden walnuts
data-sort-value="1">Golden Walnut.png 1
Golden Egg.png
Golden Egg A very rare and special egg with a solid gold shell.
Becomes available once perfection is achieved
data-sort-value="100">Qi Gem.png 100


  • Because the on-screen gem count display contains only 3 digits, having 1000 or more Qi Gems causes the display to show only the last 3 digits.