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This page explains how the game stores and parses fruit tree data. This is an advanced guide for mod developers.

Raw data

Fruit tree data is stored in Content\Data\fruitTrees.xnb, which can be unpacked for editing. Here's the raw data as of 1.5.1 for reference:

  "628": "0/spring/638/1700",
  "629": "1/spring/634/1000",
  "630": "2/summer/635/2000",
  "631": "3/summer/636/3000",
  "632": "4/fall/637/3000",
  "633": "5/fall/613/2000",
  "69": "7/island/91/2000",
  "835": "8/island/834/2000"


Index Field Example Value
Key Seed Index (from ObjectInformation.xnb) 628 (Cherry Sapling)
0 Tree ID (Unique numerical index, used to locate its position on the spritesheet) 0
1 Growth Season (multiple seasons unsupported) spring
2 Index of Harvest (from ObjectInformation.xnb) 638 (Cherry)
3 Unused 1700