Special Charm

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Special Charm
Special Charm.png
Source: Unobtainable
Sell Price: N/A

The Special Charm is an item that greatly increases the chance for daily Luck.

It is unobtainable in-game as of PC v1.2. It is the item that would appear in the blank space in the player's Wallet between the Club Card and the Skull Key.



The formula used to calculate daily luck (as of PC v1.11) is:

If player has Special Charm
    a random number between 0.0 and 1.0 is less than 0.8
    Daily Luck = 0.1
    Daily Luck = a random number between -0.1 and 0.1

Since the Special Charm is unavailable, the last part of the formula always executes.

Obtaining the Special Charm

It is possible to edit a saved game file and add the Special Charm to your wallet. You must find <hasSpecialCharm>false</hasSpecialCharm> and change it to <hasSpecialCharm>true</hasSpecialCharm>.

With SMAPI and its included "Trainer Mod", the debug command debug specialCharm can be used.