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A content pack is a special type of mod that isn't run by SMAPI directly, but contains files your own mod can read.

Content pack format

A content pack is a folder containing a manifest.json file which specifies your mod in its ContentPackFor field (see manifest). The format beyond that is up to you to define. For example, Content Patcher requires a content.json file, but that's not validated by SMAPI itself. Instead, SMAPI provides an API you can use to read any other file you need from the content pack.

See Modding:Content packs for more info about content packs.

Content pack API

You can get a list of content packs installed for your mod, and access the files within it:

foreach(IContentPack contentPack in this.Helper.GetContentPacks())
   this.Monitor.Log($"Reading content pack: {contentPack.Manifest.Name} {contentPack.Manifest.Version} from {contentPack.DirectoryPath}");

    // read a JSON file
    YourDataFile data = contentPack.ReadJsonFile<YourDataFile>("content.json");

    // load an asset or image
    Texture2D image = contentPack.LoadAsset<Texture2D>("image.png");

If you need to pass a content pack asset name to game code, you can use its GetActualAssetKey method:

tilesheet.ImageSource = contentPack.GetActualAssetKey("image.png");