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The multiplayer API provides methods to support modding in a multiplayer context. This API is still minimal, but much more will be added in later versions of SMAPI.



In some cases the game expects a 'multiplayer ID' value, which is a unique 64-bit number. This is mainly intended for cases where the game expects a multiplayer ID for data sync, such as when creating farm animals:

int animalID = this.Helper.Multiplayer.GetNewID();
var animal = new FarmAnimal("Cow", animalID, ownerID);


In multiplayer mode, the game doesn't sync all locations to other players. Each farmhand will receive data for their current location, the farm, farmhouse, and farm buildings. You can get a list of the locations being sync'd:

foreach (GameLocation location in this.Helper.Multiplayer.GetActiveLocations())
   // do stuff