Pine Tree

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Pine Tree
Pine tree portrait.png
Seed Pine Cone
Tapper Product Pine Tar
Growth Time Variable

A Pine Tree is a type of Tree. It grows from a Pine Cone, so long as the area in a one tile radius remains clear. A properly planted Pine Cone has approximately a 20% chance of growing to the next stage each day. The median time to maturity is about 18 days, with over 90% of seeds maturing in less than 32 growing days. Pine Trees off the farm (except in Town) can be chopped down or tapped. These trees will respawn as a Stage 3 sapling in 1-3 days and grow as normal after that.

If a tree or other items are directly adjacent, the tree will not grow to maturity, but halts at stage four. Once fully grown, items can be placed next to the tree without affecting it adversely. Trees can be planted next to stones, ponds, cliff edges and even the greenhouse and still grow to full maturity provided it is not next to another tree. Pathing such as cobblestones have no effect on tree growth.

When tapped, it yields Pine Tar.

Stages of Growth

Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 - Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Pine Stage 1.png
Pine Stage 2.png
Pine Stage 3.png
Pine Stage 4.png
Pine Stage 5.png


Normally a Pine Tree can be planted only on The Farm, or in select spots of tillable soil outside the farm. However, an Acorn, Maple Seed, or Pine Cone can be planted in the tilled tile left by digging up an Artifact Spot, no matter where it occurs.