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Tools help you do things in the world. You can carry them with you in your backpack for ready use, or store them in a chest when not immediately needed. You can upgrade your tools at the Blacksmith for money and metal bars, with upgrades taking two days to complete. During the upgrade, you can't buy anything or ask Clint to break open geodes. (Break open your geodes before giving him a tool to upgrade.) Tools must be upgraded in ascending order of materials; for example, a copper tool can't be upgraded directly to iridium.

Tip: The practical meaning of an upgrade "taking two days to complete" is that you will wake up on two successive days without your tool. (It is at the blacksmith's.) This means that on the day you bring it in to be upgraded, you may first use the tool for any number of hours, so long as you hand it over to the blacksmith before the shop's closing time. You will then have one complete day without the tool. The second day, you may retrieve the upgraded tool at any time after the shop opens, and then use it freely. Thus, "two days" does not end up meaning exactly 48 hours, but something less than that. It is somewhat clearer to think of it as two nights.

Energy Consumption

Using an upgradeable tool consumes some of the player's daily energy, as reflected in the energy bar. The base consumption is two energy points for each tool use. Consumption decreases as the player gains skills levels, an effect the game describes as "increased proficiency" when it announces a new level has been reached. The farming skill affects the hoe and watering can, foraging affects the axe, and mining affects the pickaxe. At each new level of experience, the energy consumption decreases another 5% from the base amount, so at level 5, consumption is 25% less than the base (down by a quarter), meaning that it is three-quarters of the base amount, or 1.5 energy per tool use. At level 10 it is down by 50% (half), that is, down to the remaining half, or 1 energy per tool use.

  • Note: If you calculate the effects of multiple tool uses yourself at various skill levels, you may discover small variances in total energy use from what the game reports. These are due to performing calculations in different orders, and rounding to whole number values at different times.

Each tool upgrade also makes the tool more efficient by decreasing the amount of energy required to accomplish a given task, sometimes by increasing the amount of work done by a single tool use. The effects are independent of and additional to the efficiencies provided by skill levels. They are, however, specific to each tool's operation and the boosts that the upgrades give. In fact, if an advanced tool is using the specific operation that is added with the copper upgrade, then that operation receives the same efficiency boost you would get with a copper tool. For that one tool use, an iridium tool is not different from a copper tool. More details may be found in the specific tools articles.

While strictly speaking, fishing poles are not upgradeable, but only replaceable with higher-grade tools, it still requires energy to use them. The bamboo pole may be thought of as comparable to a base-grade farm tool, the fiberglass rod as comparable to a steel-grade tool, and the iridium rod to an iridium-grade tool.


Main article: Hoes

Used to dig and till soil. After you have upgraded to the copper hoe, hold down left click to cycle between the different areas of effect. Hoes can also be used to dig up Artifact Spots seen around the world, to reveal hidden items.

An untillable tile does not prevent the hoe from doing a multiple-tile operation that includes that tile; it just skips any untillable tiles, which remain unchanged.

It is noteworthy that the hoe cannot till areas with floor/path tiles placed on them. This also prevents objects placed on these floor/path tiles from being uprooted. Hence, placing sprinklers or scarecrows on top of a floor/path tile aids in efficiently tilling soil when the season changes.

You can use the hoe to dig up dirt off-farm to get clay. In the Winter you can also get Winter Root and Snow Yams.

Image Name Cost Ingredients Improvements
Hoe Starter Tool
Copper Hoe.png
Copper Hoe 2,000g Copper Bar (5) Increases maximum area of effect to 3 tiles, in a line in front of you.
Steel Hoe.png
Steel Hoe 5,000g Iron Bar (5) Increases maximum area of effect to 5 tiles, in a line in front of you.
Gold Hoe.png
Gold Hoe 10,000g Gold Bar (5) Increases maximum area of effect to 3x3 tiles.
Iridium Hoe.png
Iridium Hoe 25,000g Iridium Bar (5) Increases maximum area of effect to 6x3 tiles.


Main article: Pickaxes

Used mainly for breaking stones and picking up placed equipment or furniture items that cannot be picked up simply by clicking. It is also used to un-till soil that has been tilled with a Hoe.

With each upgrade level, the number of hits required to break harder stones is reduced and bigger stones and boulders may become breakable.

Using a pickaxe on a Monster will deal a small portion of damage, similar to weapons.

Image Name Cost Ingredients Improvements
Pickaxe Starter Tool
Copper Pickaxe.png
Copper Pickaxe 2,000g Copper Bar (5) Can mine big stones of the mines (2x2 size stone).
Steel Pickaxe.png
Steel Pickaxe 5,000g Iron Bar (5) Can mine the boulders of the farm (2x2 size stone).

Can mine the barrier inside the mine that blocks the player from talking with Dwarf.

Gold Pickaxe.png
Gold Pickaxe 10,000g Gold Bar (5) Can break meteorite. Most of the stones will break in a couple of hits, including small stones that now require only 1 hit.
Iridium Pickaxe.png
Iridium Pickaxe 25,000g Iridium Bar (5) Pickaxe will use fewer hits to break stones, including in Skull Cavern.


Main article: Axes

Used to chop down Trees for wood and sap and to gather Hardwood from a Large Stump or a Large Log. Like the pickaxe, it can deal a small amount of damage to monsters. At each upgrade level, it takes 2 fewer hits to fell a tree and 1 fewer to chop a stump.

The axe must also be used to harvest Giant Crops.

Image Name Cost Ingredients Improvements
Axe Starter Tool 10 hits to fell a tree, 5 hits to chop up the small stump from a felled tree.
Copper Axe.png
Copper Axe 2,000g Copper Bar (5) Able to chop large stumps. 8 hits to chop down trees, 4 hits to chop down small stumps.
Steel Axe.png
Steel Axe 5,000g Iron Bar (5) Able to chop large logs. 6 hits to chop down trees, 3 hits to chop down small stumps.
Gold Axe.png
Gold Axe 10,000g Gold Bar (5) 4 hits to chop down trees, 2 hits to chop down small stumps.
Iridium Axe.png
Iridium Axe 25,000g Iridium Bar (5) 2 hits to chop down trees, 1 hit to chop down small stumps.

Watering Cans

Main article: Watering Cans

Used to water crops. A crop plant does not grow on a day it is not watered. If it is raining, the rain waters all crops without use of the watering can.

Upgrading the watering can changes what a sustained left click does: you hold down the left click to increase the can's areas of effect. After multiple upgrades, hold the left click longer to increase the effect level by level and release for effect when you arrive at your chosen level.

Image Name Cost Ingredients Improvements
Watering Can.png
Watering Can Starter Tool Has a total water capacity of 40 charges before it has to be refilled.
Copper Watering Can.png
Copper Watering Can 2,000g Copper Bar (5) Capacity increased to 55 charges.

Increases maximum area of effect to 3 tiles in a straight line.

Steel Watering Can.png
Steel Watering Can 5,000g Iron Bar (5) Capacity increased to 70 charges.

Increases maximum area of effect to 5 tiles in a straight line.

Gold Watering Can.png
Gold Watering Can 10,000g Gold Bar (5) Capacity increased to 85 charges.

Increases maximum area of effect to a 3x3 area (9 corresponding tiles).

Iridium Watering Can.png
Iridium Watering Can 25,000g Iridium Bar (5) Capacity increased to 100 charges.

Increases maximum area of effect to a 6x3 area (18 corresponding tiles).

Fishing Poles

Used to catch fish. Hold down left click to charge the cast, use WASD or the arrow keys to slightly adjust the placement of the hook.

Image Name Cost Improvements Location Requirements
Bamboo Pole.png
Bamboo Pole 500g Given to you by Willy

Buy from Willy's Fish Shop

Fiberglass Rod.png
Fiberglass Rod 1,800g Able to use bait. Buy from Willy's Fish Shop Fishing Skill Icon.png Fishing Level 2

(You receive a letter once available)

Iridium Rod.png
Iridium Rod 7,500g Able to use bait & tackle. Buy from Willy's Fish Shop Fishing Skill Icon.png Fishing Level 6

(You receive a letter once available)

Other Tools

Image Name Cost Description Location
none Backpack (12 slots) Starter Tool Use to carry your inventory, which makes items immediately available for use. You start with one. It can hold 12 stacks of items, but it can be upgraded.
Large Pack (24 slots) 2,000g Unlocks the 2nd row of inventory (12 more slots). Purchased from Pierre's General Store after receiving advertising mail.
36 Backpack.png
Deluxe Pack (36 slots) 10,000g Unlocks the 3rd row of inventory (12 more slots). Purchased from Pierre's General Store after buying 24 Size Backpack.
Scythe 0g Use to cut grass, which produces hay after you get a silo (until all silos are full). You start with one.
Milk Pail.png
Milk Pail 1,000g Use to gather milk from goat or a cow. Purchased from Marnie's Ranch.
Shears 1,000g Use to collect wool from sheep. Purchased from Marnie's Ranch.
Heater 2,000g Use to keep animals warm and happy during the winter. Purchased from Marnie's Ranch. It is the reward for completing the Fodder Bundle on the Bulletin Board.
Copper Pan.png
Copper Pan N/A Use to gather ore from streams. Unlocked via completing the Community Center fishing Bundles or Joja upgrades.