Large Stump

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Large Stump
Large Stump.png
Source: The FarmSecret Woods
Season: All Seasons
Sell Price: Cannot be sold

Large Stumps are the remains of long-dead trees that are found on the Farm and in the Secret Woods. A copper Axe (or better quality) is required to remove a large stump, yielding 2 Hardwood and 25 Foraging Experience points. Players with the Forester profession have a 50% chance of receiving one extra piece of hardwood.

Certain large stumps will respawn daily, providing a renewable source for hardwood:

  • All six large stumps in the Secret Woods respawn.
  • On the Forest Farm, there are eight large stumps at the west side that respawn. On the Four-corners Farm, there is one large stump in the top left quadrant of the map that respawns.

All other large stumps on the farm disappear permanently after being removed.