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This template creates a table row for one item in the Grange Display at the Stardew Valley Fair. It is intended to be used in conjunction with Template:Grangeptswrapper.


Parameter Notes
First (unnamed) parameter Name of image (minus extension ".png")
Note: for category -26 (Artisan Goods), this must be in one of two forms:
  1. [[File:ImageName.png|24px|link=]]
  2. Use of Template:Overlayimg

For all other categories, it must be the name of the image (minus ".png")

Second (unnamed) parameter Link to display
Third (unnamed) parameter Base sell price of item (can be found in Data/ObjectInformation.xnb)
Fourth (unnamed) parameter Category number of item (can be found in Data/ObjectInformation.xnb)
qualities All possible qualities for the item, using 0 for normal/base quality, 1 for silver, 2 for gold, and 4 for iridium.
Example: qualities=0,2 will display normal/base and gold qualities.
item For category -26 only: Name of item, used to calculate actual sell price using Module:Calcsellprice


|catname = Artisan Goods
|catnum  = -26
|note=''Note that honey purchased from the [[Traveling Cart]] or [[Oasis]], or produced by a [[Deconstructor]], also counts as Wild Honey.''}}


|[[File:Duck Mayonnaise.png|24px|link=]]
|[[Duck Mayonnaise]]
|item=Duck Mayonnaise}}

|[[Honey]] (Wild)




Artisan Goods 
Note that honey purchased from the Traveling Cart or Oasis, or produced by a Deconstructor, also counts as Wild Honey.
Item Grange Points
BaseArtisan.png Artisan
Silver Quality.png Gold Quality.png Iridium Quality.png Silver Quality.png Gold Quality.png Iridium Quality.png
data-sort-value="Beer"Beer.png Beer4 5 6 8 4 6 6 8
data-sort-value="Duck Mayonnaise"Duck Mayonnaise.png Duck Mayonnaise5 6
data-sort-value="Honey (Wild)"Honey.png Honey (Wild)3 3
data-sort-value="Wine"Wine.png Wine6 6 6 8 6 6 6 8


Item Grange Points
BaseGemologist.png Gemologist
Aquamarine3 4
Baryte2 2