Common Mushroom

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Common Mushroom
Common Mushroom.png
Slightly nutty, with a good texture.
Found in: Pelican Town or Secret Woods
Season: Spring.png Spring / Fall.png Fall
Healing Effect:
Energy.png +38 Energy
Health.png +17 Health
Silver Quality Icon.png
+53 Energy
Silver Quality Icon.png
+23 Health
Gold Quality Icon.png
+68 Energy
Gold Quality Icon.png
+30 Health
Iridium Quality Icon.png
+98 Energy
Iridium Quality Icon.png
+44 Health
Sell Price:
Common Mushroom.png 40g
Common Mushroom.png
Silver Quality Icon.png
Common Mushroom.png
Gold Quality Icon.png
Common Mushroom.png
Iridium Quality Icon.png

The Common Mushroom is a mushroom found via foraging in Pelican Town or The Secret Woods in the Spring or Fall. They can be grown from Wild Seeds (Fa) or in mushroom bins in the The Cave. Putting a Common Mushroom in a Seed Maker will generate 1-3 Fall Seeds.

Common mushrooms frequently grow on the islands near the Abandoned House


Villager Reactions
Like  •  • 
Neutral  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  • 
Dislike  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  • 


It is used in the Bundle Orange.png Fall Foraging Bundle in the Crafts Room.



Image Name Description Ingredients Energy Health Stat Bonus Recipe Source(s) Sell Price
Fried Mushroom.png
Fried Mushroom Earthy and aromatic. Common Mushroom.png Common Mushroom (1)Morel.png Morel (1)Oil.png Oil (1) Energy.png Energy (135) Health.png Health (60) Attack.png Attack (+2)Time Icon.png 7m

Demetrius Icon.png Demetrius (Mail - 3+ Hearts)

Coin Icon200g
Stir Fry.png
Stir Fry Julienned vegetables on a bed of rice. Cave Carrot.png Cave Carrot (1)Common Mushroom.png Common Mushroom (1)Kale.png Kale (1)Oil.png Oil (1) Energy.png Energy (200) Health.png Health (90) N/A Cooking Channel.png Cooking Channel 7 Spring, Year 1 Coin Icon335g
Tom Kha Soup.png
Tom Kha Soup These flavors are incredible! Coconut.png Coconut (1)Shrimp.png Shrimp (1)Common Mushroom.png Common Mushroom (1) Energy.png Energy (175) Health.png Health (78) Farming.png Farming (+2)Max Energy.png Max Energy (+30)Time Icon.png 7m

Sandy Icon.png Sandy (Mail - 7+ Hearts)

Coin Icon250g


Image Name Description Ingredients Recipe Source Selling Price
Fall Seeds.png
Wild Seeds (Fa) An assortment of wild fall seeds.
(Produces 10 Fall Seeds per craft)
Blackberry.png Blackberry (1)Common Mushroom.png Common Mushroom (1)Hazelnut.png Hazelnut (1)Wild Plum.png Wild Plum (1) Foraging Skill Icon.png Foraging Level 6 Coin Icon45g


It is not used in any Quests.