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You can become friends with Pelican Town's villagers. As your friendships deepen, the villagers' dialogue lines become more friendly, cutscenes called heart events occur, and the villagers send you gifts in the mail.

Friendship mechanics

Point system

Each villager has a friendship score represented by a ten-heart meter (for a normal villager) or twelve-heart meter (for your spouse):

Seven Hearts.png

Each heart is 250 friendship points. You can view your relationships on the social tab of the game menu.

You can increase friendship points by:

  • talking to villagers (+10 if the villager is in the middle of a special animation, like exercising or using a camera, otherwise +20; can only score once per day);
  • completing a delivery quest for them (+150);
  • giving them a gift they like (see Gifts);
  • making certain choices in their heart events.

You can lose friendship points by:

  • not talking to a villager (-2/day);
  • giving them a gift they dislike (see Gifts);
  • hitting them with the slingshot;
  • rummaging through a trash can when they're nearby (-25, except Linus who doesn't mind).

When a villager's heart meter is full, it will no longer decay over time even if you never talk to them. (If the NPC is romanceable but you haven't given them a bouquet, the heart meter is considered full at 8 hearts.) It may still decrease by other means (e.g. giving them a bad gift).

When a villager's heart meter is at least 2 hearts, you may enter their room.


You can give each villager two gifts per week (one per day), as indicated by the checkboxes in the social tab. You can always give them a gift on their birthday, even if you've already given them two that week. After marrying a villager, you can give them one gift every day of the week.

Each villager has individual likes and dislikes, which affects how many friendship points are gained when you give them a gift. The friendship points are multiplied on their birthday (×8) and Secret Santa event (×5):

Gift Taste Normal Santa (×5) Birthday (×8)
Love +80 +400 +640
Like +45 +225 +360
Neutral +20 +100 +160
Dislike -20 -100 -160
Hate -40 -200 -320

If a gift is liked or loved, the points gained will be further affected by quality of the item:

Quality Multiplier
Normal +0%
Silver Quality.png Silver +10%
Gold Quality.png Gold +25%
Iridium Quality.png Iridium +50%

Heart Events

Gaining friendship with each villager will unlock unique events (see each villager's article for the requirements). It's possible to permanently miss some events, though most events can be viewed at your leisure or out of order.


Main article: Marriage

Some villagers can be romanced by the player (see marriage candidates). Once you've reached eight hearts with an eligible villager, you can give them a bouquet to unlock the ninth and tenth hearts. (You can give bouquets to multiple villagers with no repercussions before marriage. Doing so after marriage may lose friendship points with your spouse.) Once you've reached ten hearts with an eligible villager, you can give them a Mermaid's Pendant to propose.

After you've married a villager, they get an expanded twelve-heart friendship meter. Reaching the hidden thirteenth heart will net you a stardrop.


Main article: Festivals

Two festivals can affect friendship points:

  • The Flower Dance increases friendship points with your dance partner.
  • The Luau increases or decreases friendship points with all villagers.

Universal Gifts

See also: List of All Gifts

Below are lists of items that are universally loved, liked, considered neutral, disliked, or hated. Note that there are some exceptions and that individual villager tastes override any universal tastes. Preferences for most Foraged Items (including Foraged Minerals) and Fruit vary by villager, and are generally not listed here.

Universal Loves

This is a list of items that every villager absolutely loves to receive as a gift. These items are guaranteed to give the most points (80) towards your relationship, but may be difficult to obtain.

Image Name Description Source
Prismatic Shard.png Prismatic Shard A very rare and powerful substance with unknown origins. Mining
Rabbit's Foot.png Rabbit's Foot Some say it's lucky. Animals

Universal Loves exceptions

Universal Likes

Though worth fewer friendship points than a loved gift, a liked gift increases friendship by 45 points, and is often much easier to obtain.

Universal Likes exceptions

Universal Neutrals

This is a list of items that will elicit a neutral response from the villagers, and give 20 points toward friendship. There are some exceptions.

Image Name Description Source Ingredients
Duck Feather.png Duck Feather It's so colorful. Animals
Wool.png Wool Soft, fluffy wool. Animals
Truffle.png Truffle A gourmet type of mushroom with a unique taste. Animals
Sweet Gem Berry.png Sweet Gem Berry It's the sweetest thing you have ever smelled. Farming
Fried Egg.png Fried Egg Sunny-side up. Cooking

Egg.png Egg (1)

Bread.png Bread A crusty baguette. Cooking

Wheat Flour.png Wheat Flour (1)

Wheat.png Wheat One of the most widely cultivated grains. Makes a great flour for breads and cakes. Farming
Hops.png Hops A bitter, tangy flower used to flavor beer. Farming
Clam.png Clam Someone lived here once. Foraging - The Beach

Crab Pots

Coral.png Coral A colony of tiny creatures that clump together to form beautiful structures. Foraging - The Beach
Nautilus Shell.png Nautilus Shell An ancient shell. Foraging - The Beach
Rainbow Shell.png Rainbow Shell It's a very beautiful shell. Foraging - The Beach

Universal Neutrals exceptions

Universal Dislikes

This is a list of items that will decrease friendship by 20 points when given as gifts.

Image Name Description Source
Cave Carrot.png Cave Carrot A starchy snack found in caves. It helps miners work longer. Foraging
Driftwood.png Driftwood A piece of wood from the sea. Fishing
Wheat Flour.png Wheat Flour A common cooking ingredient made from crushed wheat seeds. Pierre's
Oil.png Oil All purpose cooking oil. Pierre's
Void Egg.png Void Egg A jet-black egg with red flecks. It's warm to the touch. Animals
Vinegar.png Vinegar An aged fermented liquid used in many cooking recipes. Pierre's
Rice.png Rice A basic grain often served under vegetables. Pierre's
Oak Resin.png Oak Resin A sticky, fragrant substance derived from oak sap. Tapper
Pine Tar.png Pine Tar A pungent substance derived from pine sap. Tapper
Solar Essence.png Solar Essence The glowing face is warm to the touch Mining
Void Essence.png Void Essence It's quivering with dark energy Mining
Spring Onion.png Spring Onion These grow wild during the spring. Foraging
Stardew Hero Trophy.png Stardew Hero Trophy The most prestigious award a Stardew Valley resident could receive! Community Center

Universal Dislikes exceptions

Universal Hates

This is a list of items that will decrease friendship by 40 points when given as gifts.

Image Name Description Source
Sap.png Sap A fluid obtained from trees. Foraging
Carp.png Carp A common pond fish. Fishing
Seaweed.png Seaweed It can be used in cooking. Fishing
Green Algae.png Green Algae It's really slimy. Fishing
White Algae.png White Algae It's super slimy. Fishing
Grass Starter.png Grass Starter Place this on your Farm to start a new patch of grass. Pierre's
Hay.png Hay Dried grass used as animal food. Foraging, Marnie's
Poppy.png Poppy In addition to its colorful flower, the Poppy has culinary and medicinal uses. Farming
Copper Ore.png Copper Ore A common ore that can be smelted into bars. Mining
Iron Ore.png Iron Ore A fairly common ore that can be smelted into bars. Mining
Sea Urchin.png Sea Urchin A slow-moving, spiny creature that some consider a delicacy. Foraging
Red Mushroom.png Red Mushroom A spotted mushroom sometimes found in caves. Foraging
Snail.png Snail A wide-ranging mollusk that lives in a spiral shell. Fishing
Oil of Garlic.png Oil of Garlic Drink this and weaker monsters will avoid you. Crafting
Strange Bun.png Strange Bun What's inside? Cooking
Void Mayonnaise.png Void Mayonnaise A thick, black paste that smells like burnt hair. Mayonnaise Machine
Sugar.png Sugar Adds sweetness to pastries and candies. Too much can be unhealthy. Mill, Pierre's and JojaMart
Treasure Chest.png Treasure Chest Wow, it's loaded with treasure! This is sure to fetch a good price. Fishing
Energy Tonic.png Energy Tonic Restores a lot of energy.. Harvey's Clinic
Muscle Remedy.png Muscle Remedy When you've pushed your body too hard, drink this to remove Exhaustion. Harvey's Clinic
Golden Pumpkin.png Golden Pumpkin It's valuable but has no other purpose. Spirit's Eve Festival
Green Slime Egg.png Slime Eggs of all colors Can be hatched in a slime incubator. Slimes, Slime Egg-Press

Universal Hates exceptions