Fall Seeds

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Fall Seeds
Fall Seeds.png
An assortment of wild fall seeds.
Crop Blackberry, Common
, Hazelnut,
or Wild Plum
Growth Time 7 days

Fall.png Fall

Sell Price: Coin Icon45g
Purchase Prices
General Store Price Not Sold
JojaMart Price Not Sold
Travelling Cart Price Coin Icon135-1,000g

Fall Seeds are a type of Crafted seed in Stardew Valley. The crafting recipe is labeled "Wild Seeds (Fa)", but when crafted, the result is "Fall Seeds." Mature plants yield, at random, a Blackberry, Common Mushroom, Hazelnut, or Wild Plum.

Fall Seeds are one of the season-specific crafted wild seeds, along with Spring Seeds, Summer Seeds, and Winter Seeds that produce crops normally found as forage. While Farming Skill normally increases the chance to grow a quality crop, Foraging Skill increases the chance to grow a quality crop from Fall Seeds.

A mature plant grown from a Fall Seed may leave untilled soil in its place, when harvested. Any fertilizer used will be lost in this case.



Image Name Description Ingredients Recipe Source Sell Price
Fall Seeds.png
Wild Seeds (Fa) An assortment of wild fall seeds.
(Produces 10 Fall Seeds per craft)
Blackberry.png Blackberry (1)Common Mushroom.png Common Mushroom (1)Hazelnut.png Hazelnut (1)Wild Plum.png Wild Plum (1) Foraging Skill Icon.png Foraging Level 6 Coin Icon45g

Crops Harvested

Fall Seeds have an equal chance of yielding one of any of the below crops.

Image Name Description Source
Blackberry.png Blackberry An early-fall treat. Fall ForagingFall Seeds
Common Mushroom.png
Common Mushroom Slightly nutty, with good texture. Fall ForagingFall Seeds
Hazelnut That's one big hazelnut! Fall ForagingFall Seeds
Wild Plum.png
Wild Plum Tart and juicy with a pungent aroma. Fall ForagingFall Seeds


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