Galaxy Hammer

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Galaxy Hammer
Galaxy Hammer.png
It's made from an ultra-light material you've never seen before.
Type: Club
Level: 9
Source: Adventurer's Guild
Damage: 70-90
Critical Strike Chance: .02
Stats: Speed w.png Speed (+2)Weight.png Weight (+5)
Adventurer's Guild
Purchase Price: Gold.png75,000g
Sell Price: Gold.png450g

The Galaxy Hammer is a club weapon that can be purchased for Gold.png75,000g at the Adventurer's Guild after obtaining a Galaxy Sword.


  • This is currently the melee weapon that does the most damage. A master slingshot with iridium ore as ammo does the most damage of all weapons.


  • 1.1: Introduced.
  • 1.4: Description changed from "It's made from an ultra-light material you've seen before."