Explosive Ammo

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Explosive Ammo
Explosive Ammo.png
Fire this with the slingshot.
Source: Crafting
Adventurer's Guild
Sell Price: Gold.png20g
Recipe Source: Combat Skill Icon.png Combat Level 8
Ingredients: Iron Bar.png Iron Bar (1) Coal.png Coal (2)

Explosive Ammo is a one-time use item that damages anything within its explosion radius. Unlike other bombs, it must be used with a slingshot.

The Explosive Ammo crafting recipe is unlocked at Combat Level 8. After the recipe is unlocked, it can be purchased from the Adventurer's Guild for Gold.png300g each.

To equip a slingshot with explosive ammo, select the ammo, then
on the slingshot.


Explosive Ammo has a radius of 2 tiles.

Explosive Ammo range.png


Villager Reactions


  • 1.4.1: Decreased radius to 2. Changed price from 100g to 300g. Can now only be purchased from the Adventurer's Guild after unlocking the recipe.