Iridium Needle

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Iridium Needle
Iridium Needle.png
The point is unbelievably sharp, even down to the atomic level.
Type: Dagger
Level: 12
Source: The Mines (Special Slimes)
Damage: 20-35
Critical Strike Chance: 0.1
Stats: Crit. Chance.png Crit. Chance (+6)Crit. Power.png Crit. Power (+200)
Adventurer's Guild
Purchase Price: Not sold
Sell Price: data-sort-value="600">Gold.png600g

The Iridium Needle is a dagger weapon that has a 14% chance of dropping from special Slimes in The Mines during Qi's challenge Danger In The Deep and after the Shrine of Challenge has been activated.


The Iridium Needle has the highest base critical strike chance and crit power of any weapon. With full investment into critical-boosting equipment and professions, it can achieve a critical strike chance of 48.99% with each critical hit dealing 14x damage, and 60.01% with +9 Luck from Food and combining rings for maximum critical strike chance.[1]


  1. See MeleeWeapon::DoDamage in the game code.


  • 1.5: Introduced.